The Legatus Schnorchel-class is an experimental stealth corvette in service of the Legatus Navy, specifically build for tracking and hunting down enemy vessels and smugglers. With special stealth technology the ship is invisible for enemy sensors though could still be spotted with the naked eyes through viewports. It was armed with 8 phasic torpedo warheads, capable of disabling enemy shields or destroy small ships with a single torpedo. It had various advanced sensors and special coating to hide it from enemy sensors.

The class is often compared to the ancient subs that menaced the many sea lanes on Earth during the World Wars.


A Schnorchel-class on patrol in an asteroid field

Legatus Command, realising the Sacratus build up of a new fleet and the threat of anti-Imperial factions and Imperial Remnants bound to conquer the Legatus, Command issued the construction of the Schnorchel-class, a stealth experimental corvette designed to track down and spy upon enemy forces and fleet movements without being seen and if neccessarily destroy capital ships with heavy phasic torpedo warheads.

Over the years since their construction, the Schnorchel-class is feared amongst smugglers and pirates as their commanders hunt down the criminals without mercy. Amongst the adversaries of the Legatus the class is equally feared when travelling near nebulas and asteroid fields, as within them could hide the almost undetectable and lethal Schnorchels.

Legatus Command deploys the vessels frequently operating on their own to patrol hyperlanes in search of smugglers and pirates or to execute covert ops missions. However, the Schnorchel-class can also been found as part of Enforcer-class fleet formations to screen the strike force against hostile ships and stealth vessels.


Most of the specifications of the Schnorchel-class are kept secret within Legatus Command and only the admirality know the specifications of the 120 meter long stealth corvette. It is armed with one large engine unit to power the vessel in an almost silent and untraceable approach while at the same time it could boost the engines in a matter of seconds to jump into hyperspace for a quick escape if detected.

It is armed with strong plating, a single long range sensor dish at the aft and a tractable heavy dual turbolaser cannon that could be hidden under the hull. If the cannon was used the class would lose its stealth.

It has two wings on both sides to allow the vessel to manouver in both space and orbit.


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