The S'aur-class starfighters are small yet highly agile vehicles deployed by the Dinotopian Republic.


The S'aur-class starfighters are designed and construted by the Saurien Sector Corporation (SSC) for use in the Dinotopian Defence Navy- the military forces of the Dinotopian Republic.

The starfighters were constructed and launched in 2820 by the SSC and saw first combat during the Battle of Ramar Shadda in September of that year. The fighters, with support of [[Vehicle:Winteria-Class|Winteria-class star frigates managed to disable the Interdictor-class ICS Eternal Empire by disabling one of its gravity wells.


The S'aur-class starfighters are 6 meter long and can perform in both low-altitude and in space. It has a cockpit with a forward-facing pilot and a rear-facing gunner. It engines allow it for high speeds though it consumes a lot of fuel. The class has two forwad-facing laser cannons to fire at enemy fighters. The class requires a carrier to be launched into battle as it is not equipped with a hyperdrive or warp enginges.

They are carried into battle by the Yarchadia-class carriers.

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