The perfect culmination of years of escaping tyranny. Now, the Republica can truly set sail into the endless sea of black.

- Willelmus Cretacea

The CRS Republica was an experimental warship that served as the flagship of the New Cyrannian Republic Starfleet. Constructed at Spásárthach Shipyard on the Republic Capital of Mou'Cyran, the Republica was heralded as one of the most advanced vessels in the history of the Cyrannus Galaxy, constructed using recovered technology created by the enigmatic Oikoumene. The Republica served under Fleet Admiral Willelmus Cretacea under the direction from Fleet Command.

Launched in 03 NE, the Republica measured ten thousand metres from bow to stern and carried more firepower than any other ship in the Republic Fleet. However, warfare was not the only function of this massive ship, which also functioned exceptionally during exploratory missions, being equipped with long-term supplies necessary for voyages into deep-space. The ship was also used to ferry diplomats across the cosmos, being equipped with parks and luxury accommodation unbecoming of a ship primarily built to wage battle.

Fighting in massive conflicts during the New Cyrandia Wars such as the Amphyrssos Campaign, the Great Battle of Venetia and the Sacking of Rihanae, the ship quickly made a name for itself as the pinnacle of New Republic strength and resolve. In 05 NE, the Republica underwent a massive retrofit bringing her more in line with some of the most powerful Imperial starships while her formerly grey hull was emblazoned with Republic red and white. During the Neraida War, the ship was nearly destroyed during an encounter with a Neraida Dreadnought, resulting in another extensive retrofit—increasing both the physical size and the tactical durability of the Republic's flagship.

The Republica served admirably during many of the early battles of the Second Great Cyrannus War, though was destroyed during the Battle of Cognalorilos in 17 NE.


Launching and Maiden Voyage (03 NE)Edit


The Republica is launched by President Apaltar.

Launched in the sixth month of 03 NE/06 ATC, the Republica was officially christened at a ceremony on the new capital of Mou'Cyran by President Apaltar. During the lavish ceremony, many famous dignitaries attended including Proconsul Apollo and his father, Willelmus Cretacea, who was chosen to command the new vessel, hopefully using it to lead the New Republic to an era of peace, order and growth.

Once the ship was fully equipped in terms of fighter craft, ground vehicles and crewmembers, Fleet Command ordered Cretacea to the newly revealed space station in the Quadrant Galaxies known as Lianna, where Admiral Cretacea, Captain Uthastry of the Provocateur and Diplomat Araya met with Senator Adar and Captain Rambas II in an attempt to sort out the meaning behind a recent Rambo attack on a New Republic Space Station. For better or worse, it was later discovered that it was the Icolian Assemblage behind the attack.

Early Missions (04 NE - 05 NE) Edit

Amphryssos Campaign

On one of her first combat missions, the Republica led a fleet of New Republic vessels including the CRS Valour under the command of Commodore Thonaloc to fight in the crucial Amphryssos Campaign against the Cognatus Empire, which attacked the innocent world in the hopes of gaining control over an ancient artifact. To Admiral Cretacea's surprise, the planet was already the site of a battle between the Cognatus and the Allied Terran Republic, which had arrived to defend its peaceful Homincyradae inhabitants. However, it was only the arrival of the Republica and its fleet that led to victory, with the Republica itself destroying the Cognatus flagship Tenebrous with its forward weaponry. While Admiral Cretacea joined Admiral Reynolds of the ATR and Commodore Thonaloc to search for survivers on the planet's surface, the Republica coordinated repairs for the damaged ships in both human and Republic fleets.

Great Battle of Venetia
Desolation of the Bisistar 06

The Republica and other allied ships fight the Bisistar.

Those are my people down there sir... How many of them are dying as we speak?!"
"Too many. But there will be more if we can't find a way to save them. Keep focused and we'll emerge victorious."
"Yes, Admiral."
"Good. Now find me the nearest Bisistar cruiser and fire.''

- Lieutenant Leonarrk and Admiral Cretacea during the opening stages of the Battle of Venetia.

When the Bisistar Domain attacked the innocent Ermitant planet of Venetia, the Republica was amongst the first ships to respond, joining with a large fleet of Mou'Cyran Accords vessels as well as those from the Delpha Coalition of Planets, where a colossal force of Bisistar awaited them. A massive battle ensued, with the Republica suffering moderate damage by a volley of plasma from a Bisistar Dreadnought. By the end of the battle, the Republica led the charge against the Bisistar World Eaters besieging the planet and ultimately the allied forces emerged victorious, repelling the Bisistar from the planet. After the battle, the Republica returned to Mou'Cyran, where it received some minor repairs before setting off into space once more.

Sacking of Rihanae

After exploring space for many months, the Republica was tasked with leading a fleet on an attack of the Rihanae Pact capital world in the Cyrannus Galaxy, where it joined up with a Republic-loyal rebel fleet led by Tvrae Saeihr of the Rei'karanha. The superior firepower of the Republica carved through the Regellis and Jenassian ships like a hot knife through butter, resulting in a decisive victory for the Republic.

Retrofit and Further Missions (05 NE - 17 NE)Edit

After the Battle of Rihanae, the Republica travelled to Coruaan, where it was due to receive a two month-long refit. Along with a new colour scheme more in line with other Republic vessels, namely the use of whites and reds rather than grey, the ship's structure was also rearranged drastically, giving it a more wedged shaped like the famous Star Destroyers used by the Republic. In addition, the shields and weaponry of the Republica were upgraded to rival those of some of the Empire's most infamous ship designs, a potent reminder of the growing tensions between the two hyperpowers.

Defence of Angrenos

The Republica led the Allied victory to victory over Angrenos during the Neraida War.

Neraida War

With the war with the Rihanae Pact over and the Republic at relative peace, the Republica once more set off into the unknown in search of new civilisations and species. During the Neraida War in 09 NE, the Republica served with distinction under the leadership of Admiral Cretacea, fighting in conflicts ranging from the costly victory at the Battle of Cernunnos to the pivotal Defence of Angrenos. During the Angrenos bout, Commander Selanius of the Republica—a former drone of the Gigamatrix—utilised his knowledge of Neraida technology to develop the matter turbocannon, a weapon which aided in the destruction of a large portion of the Neraida invasion fleet.

Soon after the battle, the Republica and the Allied fleet received word from Coruanthor that the planet was under attack by the remnants of the Neraida fleet. By the time the flagship arrived, much of the ecumenopolis was in ruins, with the Neraida Hypercube raining death and destruction upon the innocent inhabitants of the planet. Alongside with allied nations such as the Delpha Coalition of Planets, the Talven Empire and the Apalos, however, the Cube became heavily damaged. Ultimately however, the Cube self-destructed, causing an explosion which severely damaged the planet's ozone layer. With the devastation of Coruanthor, Admiral Cretacea pledged that the end of the cyborgs was near.


The Neraida Dreadnought attacks the Republica.

As the allied armada assembled for the final assault into Neraida controlled space, the Republica underwent a reconnaissance mission to the fringes of the Concordian Nebula, which contained a wormhole through which the Neraida were utilising to invade Republic space. With no Neraida signals since their defeat at Coruanthor, the Republica was unprepared for the arrival of a deadly Neraida dreadnought. Though Fleet Admiral Cretacea's tactics prevented the complete destruction of the vessel, the durable dreadnought survived every weapon thrown at it, even the newly developed matter turbocannons.

With a large number of his crew dead, Cretacea knew that the only course of action would be to ram the vessel. With all power to forward shields, the Republica survived the impact, though only barely. Though the dreadnought was destroyed, the Republica began falling to the surface of a nearby moon. Just before the mighty vessel was about to hit the surface, it was suddenly caught in a tractor beam by the Endurance of a Hallowed Star, the Cognatus flagship of Fleetlord Morin Ehtar.


The Endurance of the Hallowed Star tows the damaged Republica away from the battlefield.

Though Ehtar expressed doubt that the Republica would survive, he agreed to tow the flagship to the nearest major shipyard. When they arrived at Scorpiae, Fleet Admiral Cretacea and his crew dispersed across the Republic fleet. The damage sustained by the Republica was such that the Admiral knew that it would be in no fit state to participate in the final battles of the war, particularly with the planned refit expected to be so drastic.

Almost a decade later, the Republica participated in many of the most important battles of the early Second Great Cyrannus War, including the Battle of Cadian and the Fall of the Twelve Worlds. It briefly served as the flagship of the New Republic Remnant after the fall, and was subsequently destroyed by the Great Star Dominion during the Battle of Cognalorilos.




The Combat Information Centre during the Second Great War.

As the flagship of the New Republic Fleet, the Republica was equipped with the most powerful weaponry in the fleet, including four Series-9 Superlasers (2 bow, 2 bow flank), one thousand turbolaser batteries, one thousand heavy turbolaser batteries as well as several railguns, coilguns and tractor beam projectors. The Republica was also armed with the strongest shielding and hull plating in the New Republic, with many of the materials used to protect the massive ship serving as a testing ground for future technologies that may branch out to the other ships of the New Republic should they prove successful on the Republica. Designed by Commander Selanius during the Neraida War, the Republica became equipped with devastating matter turbocannons, which fire a focused stream of quark-gluon plasma and hypermatter at ultrarelativistic speeds, followed by a coherent beam of gamma radiation timed in order to catch up with the massive particles a few nanoseconds before reaching the target. The weapon was capable of destroying an entire Neraida fleet during the Defence of Angrenos in 09 NE.


At the time of her launch in the closing month of 03 NE, the CRS Republica carried fifteen thousand crewmembers, including bridge officers, marines, fighter pilots, scientists, engineers, medical personnel, news reporters, diplomats and various other individuals of varying occupations and species, making the Republica the most diverse ship in the New Republic Starfleet. As a primarily military vessel, the Republica carried a full complement of soldiers and war machines, many of which saw their introduction during the Great Cyrannus War by the United Republic of Cyrannus. The ship is also equipped with large hangar bays which house full squadrons of Vipers and Cobra starfighters. However, what made the Republica unique was its ability to house ten internally docked Ares-class assault frigates, which significantly aid the Republica if it finds itself engaged in battle.

Space Forces
Ground Forces


Command CrewEdit


This is Fleet Admiral Willelmus Cretacea of the Republic Starship Republica.

- Willelmus Cretacea

Willelmus Cretacea is a male Libertus famed for his role in many of the most important wars in galactic history, such as the Trucinex War, the Intergalactic War and the Great Cyrannus War. Cretacea's family has been among the most notable in the galaxy's history, with his son, Aedanius becoming the President of the United Republic of Cyrannus, leading the great nation through many wars and hardships, ultimately becoming one of the Gigaquadrant's most respected figures.

Cretacea is a native of the planet Capricaerón though he has his roots on the planet Tauronsa. When he was a young cadet in the Capricorn Fleet, he met his first wife Muleua and together they had a single son whom they named Aedanius. When Muleua was killed in a terrorist attack, a rift formed between Willelmus and his son that wasn't healed until the end of the Trucinex War. By this time, Willelmus was a fully fledged admiral within the Fleet, with his actions attracting recognition from both Rambo Nation and the Delpha Coalition of Planets.

During his travels, he became good friends with Rambas II of Rambo Nation and became the arch-nemesis of the fiendish Mortalitas commander known as Zillum.


Do your job well and I won't need to yell at you!

- Reemuckeeus
  • Name: Reemuckeeus
  • Race: Chavelli
  • Birthdate: 32 BNE
  • Homeworld: Chavelli
  • Gender: Female
  • Rank: Executive Officer (XO)

Commander Reemuckeeus (commonly known as Ree) is a female Chavili that serves as the executive officer (XO, second in command) of the CRS Republica. Born on the Chavilli homeworld in the Quadrant Galaxies in 32 BNE, Commander Ree served as a helmsman on a trading vessel that made first contact with the Cognatus Remnant. A keen admirer of Voro Acetenus, Ree was glad when her people joined the remnant and fought alongside the Cyrandia Alliance during the Great Cyrannus War against the Confederacy of Allied Systems.

However, she abandoned the Cognatus when the Cognatus Empire rose, instead going into hiding until the New Cyrannian Republic was formed. Her impressive credentials earned her the spot of executive officer of the Republica, a position she serves with honour and distinction. Getting along well with Admiral Cretacea, who she affectionately calls "old man", Ree's relationship with the crew is rocky at best, with many claiming that she is too strict and keen to follow every rule there is.

Leonarrk Image

Just tell me where to shoot.

  • Creator: OluapPlayer
  • Name: Leonarrk Relgalll
  • Race: Ermitant
  • Birthdate: 30 BNE
  • Homeworld: Puria
  • Gender: Male
  • Rank: Lieutenant (Tactical officer)

Leonarrk Relgalll is a young Ermitant who is the only child of Nondarrrt, the deceased commander of the former New Ermitant Republic. He was born at 30 BNE from Nondarrrt and his Ermitant wife who would be eventually killed by space pirates who attacked the colony she lived at. At the age of 16, he joined the military to follow his father's footsteps, and when the Ermitant formed the Republic, he followed him to Cyranai and later to the New Cyrannian Republic.

Nondarrrt's death heavily affected Leonarrk, who has swore to never forgive the Bisistar for it. Despite being very young for an Ermitant, Leonarrk has managed to prove himself as skilled as his father was on his age, and the Ermitant currently serves as Tactical Officer of the CRS Republica, Fleet Admiral Cretacea's vessel.


I am detecting an anomaly, admiral.

  • Name: Dhivael
  • Race: Nasvere Libertus
  • Birthdate: 31 BNE
  • Homeworld: Coruaan
  • Gender: Female
  • Rank: Subcommander

Dhivael is a female Nasvere Libertus, a race known for their emotionless demeanor. Like many members of her race, Dhivael is highly intelligent and has little time for mundane concerns such as building relationships with her fellow crewmembers. The other members of the Republica believe that Dhivael is a highly mysterious individual and many have tried unsuccessfully to win her favour in the ship's recreational facilities.

As the science officer on the Republica, Dhivael heals, researches and innovates under the Admiral's orders. Though she does not intend on becoming "friends" with her fellow crew, deep down Dhivael really cares about them and feels a sense of loyalty to the Admiral and the Republica as a whole. Though he doesn't approve of her anti social behaviour, Cretacea knows that he can count on Dhivael in a tight spot.


The Republica's beautiful engines are my calling.

  • Name: Narrus
  • Race: Cavaneu
  • Birthdate: 76 BNE
  • Homeworld: Neudan
  • Gender: Male
  • Rank: Subcommander

Narrus is a male Cavaneu serving on board the CRS Republica as the chief engineer. Long serving on the advanced warships of the Cavaneu military, Narrus knows a thing or two on how to get the most of engine systems, even hyperadvanced ones like those found on the Republica. Narrus initially met Admiral Cretacea during the Basileus attack on his homeworld Neudan during the Great Cyrannus War, where he helped him repel his people's ancient enemies.

Once the Empire was formed, Narrus remained as the chief engineer of the Last Hope, the vessel used by the Republic Remnant on its way to the Quadrant Galaxies. As such, Narrus was delighted to join the Republic when it was formed three years later, ultimately joining Cretacea on the Republica as chief engineer.

Narrus is very popular with the crew, who generally enjoy his down-to-earth attitude and great sense of humour.

Selanius (1)

I ensure the continued operation of the Republic through the continued operation of this vessel.

Selanius is a Libertus who was liberated from a life as a Caprigrox during the Dark Times after being transformed by the Neraida during their invasions of the Confederacy of Allied Systems during the Great Cyrannus War. Rescued during the Battle of Amemoriam, despite Selanius' past allegiance to the Confederacy, he was grateful to the Republic Remnant from freeing him from his life of indoctrination.

However, despite his best attempts he has found reintegration into non-Neraida life challenging and often struggles to make friends amongst the crew of the Republica, a fact he reasons with the Neraida implants present throughout his body. Nevertheless, the Admiral trusts Selanius with the security of his ship completely and has made it a personal mission to help the inherently kind-hearted Selanius to reacquaint to normality.

Lexia (1)

The mental and physical health of the crew is my concern.

  • Name: Lexia
  • Race: Tezelteän
  • Birthdate: 21 BNE
  • Homeworld: Tezelteä
  • Gender: Female
  • Rank: Doctor

'Lexia is a female Tezelteän serving as the chief medical officer of the Republica, catering to the health and the well being of much of the ship's crew. As well as her duties in sick-bay, Lexia is also responsible for coordinating relief efforts when the Republica aids systems in need of supplies.

Well liked by most of the crew, Lexia truly cares for everyone under her care though often clashes with the Admiral about stress and monthly checkups. In addition, she also has a tense relationship with Doctor Laskmer, a scientist on the Republica that often takes up room in her sick bay with rubbish and clutter.



Doctor Tentacles will see you now!

- Laskmer
  • Name: Laskmer
  • Race: Hipaca
  • Birthdate: 56 BNE
  • Homeworld: Nahdar
  • Gender: Male
  • Rank: Doctor, scientist

Laskmer is a male Hipaca that serves as a non-listed doctor onboard the Republica. A highly eccentric man who enjoys being called "Doctor Tentacles", Laskmer is nonetheless a highly intelligent individual who serves as the most qualified scientist and medical doctor on the flagship. Born in the year 56 BNE on his people's homeworld on Nahdar, Laskmer was enlisted into the Hipacan army in a war against the other natives of the planet, the Mon Nahdar, though he hated fighting, it was in the service of the army that led him to pursue a career in medicine, ultimately helping him graduate as a doctor on the capital of Orbispira.

Loyal to democracy, Laskmer joined the New Cyrannian Republic when it was formed and was posted on the Republica soon afterward. Though the crew generally see him as strange, they are nonetheless very fond of their harmless old doctor who is known for cracking jokes in the mess hall and impersonating the Admiral. Laskmer was instrumental to uncovering the real reason behind the supposed Rambo Nation attack on the Republic, ultimately discovering the Icolians involvement.


Araya T'Lour

Being stationed here is a great honour! I hope to meet many new species.

- Araya
  • Name: Araya T'Lóur
  • Race: Ausare
  • Birthdate: 932 BNE
  • Homeworld: Riijan
  • Gender: Feminine
  • Rank: Diplomat

Araya T'Lóur is an Ausare diplomat that serves as the senior diplomat on the CRS Republica. As a member of the long-lived, all female Ausare race, Araya was born on the Ausare homeworld in the year 943 BNE and is still considered young by her people's standards. When the New Cyrannian Republic was formed, Araya became involved in the administration of the Republica, eventually becoming its senior diplomat when the ship was launched. She soon sparked a strong friendship with the Admiral and the rest of the crew, who have noticed that her good looks, calming voice, strong sense of justice and love for democracy make her a perfect diplomat, deserving of her role as senior diplomat on the flagship of the Republic.

Her first major mission was to the Rambo Space Station Lianna, where she met with Senator Adar to discuss the motives between the attack on Saxhleel Station in the previous month. When the true culprits behind the attack were revealed to be the Icolian Assemblage, Araya returned to the Republica.


Come Cretacea, pit yourself against the Benevolent. We shall see who emerges victorius.

- Zillum

A ship built from the resolve and honour of the citizens of the Republic!

- Apollo

Just point at a star and I'll work from there.

- Willelmus Cretacea

Well then... somebody's overcompensating.

- Erissare

A great achievement by the Republic.

- Eviran

A fine ship commanded by a legendary commanding officer. I predict the name of the CRS Republica shall exist in legend for centuries to come.

- Lord-admiral Larnus Vontarion

An oversized and over appreciated chunk of wasted metal!

- Mortikran

A ship, reflecting the ambition of the New Republic for peace and justice!

- Rambas II



  • The Republica, particularly its appearance prior to the 05 NE retrofit, is based on the UNSC Infinity from the Halo franchise.

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