The Ramboidae Artificial Moon's, also known amongst personnel of Rambo Command as the RAM's are the largest military battle stations deployed by Rambo Nation in their history and signalled return of the Rambo as an intergalactic super power bound to defend its territories at all costs.


The Ramboidae Artificial Moon's, also known amongst personnel of Rambo Command as the RAM's are the largest military battle stations deployed by Rambo Nation in their history. The stations are moon-sized military battlestations with various roles and took decades to construct.

All of the battle stations were designed and started construction during the reign of Emperor Dino Le Rambo I as the strongest line of defense the Nation could offer. However, their large size, the massive amount of resources and research required meant the stations took over fourty years to finish. All of the stations were constructed in the Metruia Nebula in orbit of Lesrekta, where most of the secret project of the Rambo are constructed under heavy guard of Rambo patrols and sensor arrays.

The stations were eventually gradually revealed during the Gorge Dispute as the Rambo Government feared an outbreak of hostilities in december 21 AQF. The first station revealed was starbase 25, finishing the raise of the infamous Gorge.

Station Design[]

Space Stations
Ramboidae Artificial Moon
Type I
The Ramboidae Artificial Moon Type I is a moon-sized military battlestations and were the first type designed in a long series of Rambo superweapons developed to execute the Congregation Act. The Type I RAM is equipped with a super laser capable of destroying enemy planets and ships, closing wormholes and act as a major defense stations of capital ships.

The massive fire power generated by the station surprised and horrified most officers and the project was deemed unfit for Rambo standards. Instead of destroying it, Rambo Command kept it behind in case the Rambo needed it. Their only Type I station however vanished when it was hit by an anomaly in january 02 AQF.

Deployed stations:

Missing, presumed destroyed (02 AQF)

Ramboidae Artificial Moon
Type II
Deployed stations:
Ramboidae Artificial Moon
Type III
The Ramboidae Artificial Moon Type III is a moon-sized military battle station and listening post. Developed under the Congregation Act, the Type III RAM is equipped with massive attenaes and sensor dishes to provide a large sensor coverage that reaches well into the Cyrannus Galaxy for Rambo Nation vessels and citizens.

The type III houses a large contingency of military troops as well, including its own cloning facility. It main purpose is a defensive one as it lacks a super laser. The type III are design to be located at strategic important locations to aid in the defense of a planet or certain region as the station is heavily armed. It sensor dishes and attanaes are both its major strength of purpose and at the same time a vulnrable targets. As such all sensor dishes are defended by weapon plattforms and are equipped with their personal shield generators.

Deployed stations:

Starbase 25
Located: Wormhole Plateau/(Gorge)

Battle Plate Design

The exterior battle plates make up the outer view and defenses of the RAM's. A fully equipped battle plate features numerous constructs and equipment. Though not all battle plates are fully equipped, those that are, are often located near important facilities or parts of the battle stations.

Fully Equipped battle plate with legenda

Station Png files
Part Part Part Part Part
RAM 01.png
RAM Part 01
Battle Plate w/ Trench
RAM 02.png
RAM Part 02
Battle Plate
RAM 03.png
RAM Part 03
Weapon Conduits
RAM 04.png
RAM Part 04
Weapons Plattform
RAM 05.png
RAM Part 05
Commander's Castle
RAM 06.png
RAM Part 06
Obsevatory Room
RAM 07.png
RAM Part 07
Sensor Dish
RAM 08.png
RAM Part 08
Command Tower
RAM 09.png
RAM Part 09
Sensor Atenna


Png file

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