The RNSF Mirage Cascabel is a variant of the Mirage Cascabel developed and produced by Odyssey Arms Corporation for the Armed forces of Rambo Nation. Rambo Nation militairy service, Rambo Command found the Mirage Cascabel the perfect replacement for their own figthers, impressed by it's flight characteristics and affordability, Rambo Command acquired the plans and began constructing their own version of the Mirage Cascabel.


For long, the basic strike craft of Rambo Nation, the "Lightning-class" was the backbone of operation of Rambo Command.

A squadron of Cascabel with a Kelvin-class at an unspecified battle

When the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus placed Rambo Nation under it's "protectrate" in 05 AQF, Command realised that it's fighters were outdated, too slow against enemy fighters and lacked sufficient fire power. For months the Rambo were unable to produce or design something of their own, with the internal pressure upon the Shipyards of Rowar, Command didn't want an expensive test trail. Instead they searched for a way to buy the design from others, make slight adjustments and then mass produce it. However due to the Empire's hold and Ramashe's wish to return to exploration, the forming of the New Cyrannian Republic, the rise of the Cognatus Empire and the discovery of Aecor, the replacement of it's fighters were taken off the high priority lists.

In 06 AQF, when France colonised Quadrant 82 in 06 AQF, forming the French Quadrant Colonies. Command was introduced to the Arms Market where their eyes fell upon the endurable Mirage strike crafts, originally created by France. Favorable designs were the Mirage Roi and the Mirage Cascabel- a version by France and Roreinia, Command chose the Cascabel for it's impressive flight characteristics and affordability. In return for France her help, Rambo Nation allowed them to modify and buy the old Constitution Exeter sub-class, resulting in the French Exeter-class. Making slight adjustments, the Rambo Nation Space Fleet (RNSF) Mirage Cascabel was repainted, insigna's of Rambo Command were placed upon it's wings and side, equipped with phasers and the ability to launch photon torpedoes, as well as installing a warp drive the new fighters of Rambo Command were ready for action.

Officially launched into service in the 11th month of 06 AQF, Command wants to replace the entire Lightning-class line within two months for the Cascabel. The Cascabel will be stationed at airfields, protecting planets and colonies and carried by the Dreadnought-class into battle.


The RNSF Mirage Cascabel finds it's origins with France and Roreinia. The French build the Cascabel on the the design of the Mirage 2, and had very similar characteristics to it. As a descendant of the Mirage Comète 2, the Cascabel inherited many of its traits. Many facets of the body, cockpit, and internal workings of the craft can be found in both of them. However, the Cascabel differs in many ways. At the insistence of the Roreinians, a straight-wing design was adopted instead of the traditional French delta-wing. Many of the Comète's systems were streamlined and made more affordable, though compromise made them lose in quality.

The version of Rambo Nation is repainted, as various flag insigna's of Rambo Command on it's wings and side. Additional installments are phasers, photon torpedoes and a warp drive.

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