To glance upon sight of the Worldfather's Grace is to glance upon sight of power true and might bold, strength masterful and wrath godlike; a weapon wielded truly only in the regal hands of Paragons found worthy, such a craft brings to mind the archaic tales of armour divine and blades blessed by gods.

- Alkavhal Niurna, a Zazane Blood Dragon

The RASC Orothil'Kuntus Vorss [Formothan Dracid: Worldfather's Grace] is the personal cruiser owned mainly by Uriel Ultanos. it serves as a spaceborne home for him and a means to explore the Imperium comfortably. Oddly, although it is primarily designed as a luxury liner, it still posesses a mdoerate amount of firepower as well as a considerable level of defensive measures.

The ship has become a signature vessel owned by the Pragaon family and is widely recongnised as a sign of Uriel's proximity and majesty.



The ship was originally designed and built by Utopis Fleet Concern as part of its "luxury vessels" range. It was commissioned by a member of House Ultanos intended as a gift to Paragavessa Torelenia Ultanos XXV. The commisioner worked closely with Serpiiva Thinviva, the Sankana lead desinger assigned by Utopis for the project.

Originally named "Vencortium's Heart" after the world Torelenis spent many years on in her youth, the commissioner wanted it as a status symbol for House Ultanos, intending for it to show off the Imperium's majesty to any foreign dignitaries or external observers who caught sight of it. Originally commisioned in ID.218950 the ship was in planning and contruction for three years with almost a hundred interior designers, artists and engineers working on the look of the interior alone. it was initially launched in ID.218953 where it was presented to Torelenia and she was immediately thrilled by it. The Vencortium's Heart served as the pragavessa's personal transport during her time as leader of the Imperium where it visited hundreds of planets over her lifetime before the ship was given to the to-be-father of Uriel Ultanos as she lay on her deathbed.

Uriel The Fifteenth[]

In honouring the memory of Torelenia XXV, Uriel Ultanos XV decided to keep the name of Vencortium's Heart and used it as his personal transport during his time as paragon. His travels took it from the core worlds to the frontier and even into the Milky Way. In times of strife under his rule, Uriel modified the design to feature an array of defensive weaponry and during a few military campaigns the ship proved useful in combat while under escort of the Royal Flotilla.

The ship's purpose as a symbol became less so upon the completion of the TNSS Dominax ID.219130 which became the flagship of the Imperium's first fleet. It was agreed during construction that the Dominax would feature a single capital-sized hanger as a place to store Vencortium's Heart whenever Uriel went on campaign. When Uriel XV passed away in ID.219359, the ship was kept as method of transport for the general Ultanos family. During the reign of Korr Ultanos the ship was further upgraded and used during the Mecha-Was War as a morale-booster for soldiers and citizens on the frontlines. Suffering two wasp incursions during the war.

Uriel The Sixteenth[]

After Korr's death in ID.219393, Uriel was ascended to praagon and took the ship as his own. Uriel used the ship as part of certain expiditions into uncharted space during his time as paragon. The ship was renamed "Worldfather's Grace" after Uriel's sense of spiritualism.

During the New Dawn era, Uriel upgraded the ship with various pieces of equipment had had aqured with his connections, vastly improving the initial design thanks to the modular philosophy in which it was built. The current model includes a mix of The Divinarium and Brood of War technology aquired though Uriels' royal connections and the open markets, including a portal drive used on Divinarium vessels.


The Worldfather's Grace was primarily designed as a luxury vessel. The interior is lavishly decorated in gold, expensive polished wood, vevlet, silk and all other manner of precious materials. The corridors are adorned with holographic paintings pinned to the wall and the furniture is decorated with gold trim and expensive wood made by some of the ebst craftsmen in the Imperium.

The quality of the ship has two "levels". With the lower third of the ship being rather utilitarian with the top third being the most lavish. It is these floors where uriel's private apartments as well as guest quarters reside along with all the ameniaties available to someone of Uriel's station. It is no surprise that these levels are highly exclusive as well as highly opulent.

The outside is equally lavish, with the hull marked with lavish engravings in gold and brass plating protected by non-phasic shielding. The engravings frequently depict scenes in Draconid history as well as scenes from various myths and legends. Unlike the interior, this decorativeness extends across the ship's entire surface.


Like many Draconid vessels, the decks of the RASC WOrldfather's Grace are arranged vertically, with the lowermost levels being closest ot the engine and the uppermost levels being nearer to the nose of the ship. The ship is arranged in to three key regions based on how far from the engine they are.

  • The lower decks act as thr ship's infrastructure and core systems, placed out of sight from the passenger levels. Power, computing, life support, cargo, weapon magasines and engineering bay barracks are on this level, with express elevators to the uper floors for logistics purposes. The lower decks are designed to be functionally pleasant, but since high-profile personnel rarely ever visit these decks little-to-no embelishment has been made beyond that foudn on standard military vessels.
  • The middle decks contain the armoury, infirmary, hanger bays, much of the crew quarters, the hanger bays and the bridge. Being an intermediate between the lower and upper decks, the appeal of the middle decks convey some level of luxury, a mix of modern and lavish styles. For security reasons, the middle decks are to be primarily functional. This is because high-value passengers periodically may visit these areas for various reasons.
  • The upper decks are the msot lavishly decorated parts of the ship and are the primary domain of the Paragon, his family and any visiting high-value persons. A considerable amount of time was spent during the vessel's construction embelishing the ship's upper decks and it posesses numerous ameniaties to keep its occupants entertained including a pool house, gardens, holosuites, dining halls, a theatre, four lounges and two meeting halls as well as Uriel's own private apartments. Because of Uriel's importance, these apartments are in fact at the core of the upper decks, rather than on the top.

The upper decks are designed to primarily keep the personal guests of the paragon happy and it is easily one of the most attractive vessels in the Imperium, rivalling the personal starships of praetors and CEOs alike. Like all liners designed for dangerous regions of space, the outer sections of all decks are less grandiose for practicality reasons. Making up a significant portion of the upper decks, the royal apartments are situated within a hydraulic cradle that absorbs impact recoil from collision and resuces the severity of the chambers shaking in the event of high-velocity impacts.


The Worldfather's Grace, despite being a luxury vessel, still boasts enough firepoer for any Andromedan pirates to be wary of. Plasma cannons, rail batteries line the hull of the lower and middle decks within concealed compartments that open out when the ship comes under attack.

The ship is also equipped with weaponry capable of draining the shields and powergrid of attacking craft, allowing the ship to incapacitate any attackers before it jumps to hyperspace.


To protect both occupants and the investment taken into the external design, the Worldfather's Grace is equipped with shielding superior to most vessels of its size at the cost of offensive firepower. Specifically programmed nanomachines can also restore the external patterns if they are ever damaged by high-velocity particles or battle scarring. Each nanomachine is porgrammed with a "map" of the decoration in its vicinity which it will follow as though it is on a trail. The downside to this principle is that the nanomachines are restricted to the patterns they know, thus a single nanite can only travel over and repair a small part of the ship's decoration, with programming that prevents it from going beyond the map's boundary.

The Worldfather's Grace is garrisoned with a generous complimant of the Empyrean Cohort, recognised by their amber-and-red armour and gold trim. These BLood Dragons are considered the elite and while normally they are only found in the palace and around Uriel, the ship's importance is so high that a permenant garrison of them is maintained on board.


When travelling, the Worldfather's Grace is supported by a small fleet known as The Royal Flotilla. The ships that consist of the flotilla include 250 frigates and cruisers and 20 capital ships including five carriers and differ from most Imperial warships by featuring burnished gold decoration, engravings on the hull and superior weaponry and heardware to normal ATB warships. The ships are crewed by both Blood Dragons and sworn servants and soldiers of House Ultanos. The Royal Flotilla serves as an escort for the RASC Worldfather's Grace during state operations and should Uriel decide to lead ships into battle, the flotilla combines with the 1st fleet under the command of the Lord-Admiral and serves as a companion for the imperial flagship (presently the ACV Xonexi's Resolve).


She is a beautiful, masterfully-crafted vessel. A one-of-a-kind in her beauty and her capability. I have enjoyed many-a-voyage in her and I hope my successor takes as much pride in it as I have.

- Uriel Ultanos

I was speechless when I first boarded it. No wonder it has been dubbed Uriel's godly chariot

- Maxios Telvenum

A beautiful and a strong ship, a fitting ship for a Paragon

- Vice-Admiral Ramcard

I need me one of those.

- Agent Upsilon

The richest fruit to prosper from our efforts and trials, the Worldfather's Grace is a feat in itself of both Imperial engineering and regal symbolism; a masterful weapon to be wielded, for beneath its armour and within its great many decorative halls and leisure rooms, flows an unseen power comparable, if not identical, to the very wrath of the hand of the Lifefather Himself.

- "Civilisation And its Edifices" by Teyvar Castaron


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