The R1 Main Armoured Attack Transport, commonly referred to as the Deinos or the MAAT, is the primary walker utilised by the battalions of the New Republic Army, manufactured by Angrenos Heavy Engineering.

The Armoured Transport is a quadrupedal walker evocative of the massive sauropods of Capricaerón, with a large central body which can hold up to thirty troopers and a cockpit section in which three pilots operate the massive walker's functions. Performing admirably in a wide variety of support roles during ground campaigns, the Armoured Transport can provide heavy cover fire for soldiers in addition to overwhelming enemy positions through force of firepower, an advantage coupled with the tendency to deploy several walkers at once which makes the Armoured Transport a truly frightening weapon of war.


With the formation of the New Cyrannian Republic in 03 NE, the reconstituted Senate authorised a considerable military build-up in preparation for potential conflicts with the Neraida Gigamatrix and the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. While much of this build-up was concentrated in the Republic Navy, Angrenos Heavy Engineering was contracted to supply the nascent democracy with a plethora of ground vehicles for deployment across Republic Space.

The R1 MAAT was the most impressive result, and would go on to serve throughout Republic Space over the subsequent decades, being used to great effect against the invading hordes of the Neraida during the Neraida War and on the countless battlefields of the Second Great Cyrannus War against the Empire.

R1 MAATs utilised against the Neraida during the Battle of Venetia.

While outclassed by the Empire's larger walkers in terms of size and sheer firepower, wily pilots of Attack Transports often took advantage of overconfident Imperials during battles across the galaxy. With the conclusion of the conflict in 26 NE, the Armoured Transport continued to be utilised by the New Republic throughout its space, guarding important installations and ensuring the continuation of the Republic's golden age across the galaxy.


A quadrupedal armoured walker, the R1 Main Armoured Attack Transport was primarily designed as a troop transport during particularly violent battlefields too risky for shuttles, and as such, it is equipped with four heavy laser cannons, two of which are forward facing, and another two aft-facing. Additionally, the armoured "head" has twin mass driver cannons located beneath the cockpit, affording the MAAT with a formidable firing arc.

The central body of the MAAT can carry up to fifteen infantry, and is protected by heavy armour, which also covers the walker's four legs. Being designed to traverse difficult terrain, the "feet" of the MAAT has grasping claws, which allow the walker to climb almost vertical cliff faces. Among the soldiers of the Republic, the MAAT is commonly referred to as the Deinos Walker, harkening back to the Capricaerónan species which inspired the design.


  • Based on the Old Republic walker featured in Star Wars: The Old Republic.
  • Although this page was created in 2021, the Spore model of the walker was created in 2014.

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