The Quadrantia-Class is a unique kind of class found within the navy of Rambo Nation, as the class was build specific for use by the rulers of Rambo Nation, the Royal Dynasty.


Quadrantia-class with escort fleet in orbit of the Capital

Launched in secret in 08 AQF, during the Tertius Bellum and the increasing threats of the Hutter Kingdom, high ranking officers within Rambo Command were of opinion that the Monarchy of Rambo Nation should not be transported throughout the Quadrant Galaxies onboard star ships like the Excelsior-Class or civilian crafts but that they required a vessel of their own, resulting in the construction of the Quadrantia-Class.

The first ship of the class was named the USS Quadrantia, and was placed under command of the Libertus fleet-captain Operative Sauleius Jesan Cretacea!

By 2820, shortly after the fall of Rambo Nation the Empire sieged the class and dismantled the vessels to prevent the powerful ship class to fall into Cyrandia Resistance hands.


The design of the Quadrantia-class follows the basic design schematics found among Rambo vessels, with their saucer and a lower engineering section. The class features designs found at the Miranda-Class, like the rollbar and its torpedo launchers.

The war nacelles are placed on the saucer, allowing the vessel to protect its warp nacelles more and allowing transwarp travel.

The class is equipped with the newest shields, photon/phasic and quantem torpedoes, is able to use warp speed and transwarp.

Notable Ships[]

  • USS Quadrantia
  • USS Elen'Nunian (under construction)


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