The Purity Probes are the main builders and fighters of the Purity. Though weak alone, they can be devastating in masses. Their most notable ability is to self-replicate once they have collected enough Pure Energy, this can lead to very rapid growth in their numbers even during battle.

Every spaceship of the Purity has a core that collects disintegrated Pure Energy and stores it inside a magnetic field, the Pure Energy stored there fuels the entire ship and can by replenished during battle by causing damage on the enemy ships.

If the core or the Purity Probe itself are destroyed, the Pure Energy stays in the same spot for about two minutes looking like a ball of white light and can be harvested during that time by another Purity Probe that passes nearby. This core is also the weakpoint of their ships and is therefore protected by an energy shield.


Small Purity Beam: This weapon channels Pure Energy through the front crystal of the Purity Probe, releasing a powerful beam that can disintegrate nearly every material into Pure Energy for the probe to harvest.

Matter Converter: This device allows the reverse of what the Purity Beam does. Using it, the Purity Probe can create nearly any material by converting Pure Energy to matter. This is the main building tool the Purity uses to create megastructures.

Self-Replicator: Once the Purity Probe has filled out its core with Pure Energy, it can use it to self-replicate using this device. This device also works in battle and can be used effectively by collecting the Pure Energy that Purity Probes drop upon destruction.