The Purity Carriers are one of the main spacecrafts of the Purity. They are capable of advanced FTL travel and creating or deploying a lot of Purity Probes in battle, but can also be used to transfer large quantities of Pure Energy. Their maximum Purity Probe capacity is at around 500'000.

Every spaceship of the Purity has a core that collects disintegrated Pure Energy and stores it inside a magnetic field, the Pure Energy stored there fuels the entire ship and can by replenished during battle by causing damage on the enemy ships. If the core or the Purity Carrier itself are destroyed, the Pure Energy stays in the same spot for about two minutes looking like a ball of white light and can be harvested during that time by other Purity ships passing nearby. This core is also the weakpoint of their ships and is therefore protected by an energy shield.

Weapons Edit

Purification Beam: This beam is, aside from Purity Probes, the main weapon of the Purity Carrier. Same as the Purity Probe's beam, this one can disintegrate nearly every material into Pure Energy that can later be harvested by Purity ships. The only difference being that the Purification Beam is a lot more powerful and can disintegrate an entire spaceship of the same size in an instant.

Purity Probe Materializer: Along with the usually deployable probes, the Purity Carrier can instantly materialize some more of them depending on how much Pure Energy there is in its core. The energy cost to materialize one Purity Probe is the same as it takes a Purity Probe to self-replicate.

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