The Purifier Vessels are by far the most threatening spaceships of the Purity. These juggernauts are capable of destroying entire fleets and purifying systems. Each Purifier Vessel can carry 25 million Purity Probes and around 50 Purity Carriers.

Weapons Edit

The Purification Project: The Purification Project is a special essence-based device, radiating waves of Pure Energy in a wide cone, the size of a planet, that can alter the mind of the victims on a consciousness level. The Purity calls this process "Purification". Victims of this device become purified and get converted to Purity's religion, leading to a massive boost in influence. Yet, this device needs some time to function properly and is usually used at the end of a battle.

Purifier Beam: The Purifier Beam is the most powerful weapon in Purity's arsenal, consuming tonnes of Pure Energy, it creates a massive long-range beam of Pure Energy, disintegrating everything on its path. It is able to deconstruct entire planets into Pure Energy in a minute.

Purity Auto-Repair: This device automatically distributes Pure Energy to Purity ships passing nearby, remotely repairing and refueling them.

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