The Procurator-class. Designed as the heavy-hitter of the Republic fleet against the Confederates and later used extensively by both the Empire and the reborn Republic. It's a good, sturdy design that I'm sure will last many decades.

- Willelmus Cretacea

The Procurator-class Star Battlecruiser is a 3,500 metre long warship used by several Cyrannian governments since the design's initial introduction by the United Republic of Cyrannus during the Great Cyrannus War against the Confederacy of Allied Systems. Though produced heavily by the Shipyards at Cyroenia, most Procurators are now either constructed at the Imperial shipyards at Imperaqui in the Outer Rim and the Republican shipyards at Coruaan, with the two variants differing in their colouration alone. Though seen as the predecessor to the visually similar Imperator-class Star Destroyer, the Procurator-class is larger and boasts a more impressive arsenal and shield arrays.


Great Cyrannus WarEdit

The Procurator-class Star Battlecruiser was designed during the first year of the Great Cyrannus War, during a time when the United Republic of Cyrannus required a larger field of warships to counter the threat of the Confederacy of Allied Systems and the various other threats that faced it during the time period. The result was the Procurator-class, a large battleship designed to function as both a command ship and a warship depending the situation. Fielded throughout the galactic war, the Procurator-class came to be seen as a sturdy vessel, with its firepower and tough shielding and armour making up for it's unsurprising lack of speed. Often seen in the company of a flotilla of Venator-class Star Destroyers, the Procurator-class was a bane in the eyes of the Confederacy with their presence turning the tide of many battles throughout the war.

The Sovereign, under the command of Admiral Siruliulus was the first ship constructed at Imperaqui Shipyards, the third largest ship producing planet in the galaxy.

The design of the Procurator-class was later mixed with that of the Venator-class and the Victory-class to create the Imperator-class Star Destroyer, which became the most iconic vessel of the new Imperial Order.

Imperial EraEdit

Like many Republic ships, the Procurator-class continued service in the Imperial Navy, with their primary construction site being located at the newly created shipyards over the Outer Rim planet of Imperaqui, a newly colonised Imperial world. Serving as the bridge between the smaller Star Destroyers of the Imperial Navy and the much larger Star Dreadnoughts, the Procurator-class are relatively more common in the Galactic Core, which continues to feel no effects from the ongoing New Cyrandia Wars, which has been largely isolated in the lawless Outer Rim, nevertheless, the Procurator-class is still seen in trouble spots in Cyrannus and beyond, with famous ships including the Sovereign, the flagship of the 10th Outer Rim Defense Fleet under the command of Admiral Siruliulus and the famed Emperor, the flagship of the 1st Quadrantia Fleet under the command of Grand Admiral Ramandros.

When the New Cyrannian Republic was formed three years after the Great War, the new government continued to produce the Procurator-class in its traditional red-emblasoned design primarily from the ancient shipyards over the planet Coruaan in the Odysseia Region, however most of the Procurators in Republic service were inherited from the fleet of the Republic in Exile in the Quadrant Galaxies.. Famous Republic-aligned Procurators include the CRS Vehement under the command of Captain Palirim.



A Republic-aligned Procurator travelling through hyperspace.

Known as the sentinel of the New Republic and Imperial Navies, the Procurator-class is a heavily armed warship equipped with advanced weaponry and strong shielding designed to dish out and take as much damage as possible. Equipped with a large array of both heavy and light turbolasers, ion cannons, tractor beam projectors and laser cannons, the Procurator-class is a force to be reckoned with. Unlike designs such as the Venator-class, the Procurator does not act as a fighter carrier lacking any facilities to house and repair smaller craft. However, the Procurator makes up for it with larger weapon emplacements and more extensive recreation areas for the ship's crew.

The new line of Procurator class battleships demand captains to intuitively understand the phase space of position and velocity (three for each) when relevantly applied to space combat. Sensors and onboard computers have been improved in predicting the geodesic trajectories of weapons fired closely to gravitational sources such as planets and artificial gravity wells. The captains can easily pilot relativistic effects thanks to improvements in technology since the introduction of this line of vessels.

Like most Imperial and Republican ships, the Procurator-class extensively uses hyperspace as a means to travel though they are also equipped with technology that can be used to open up artificial wormholes.

Notable VesselsEdit

New Cyrannian Republic
  • Triumph - 2nd Mou'Cyran Defense Fleet, Commanding Officer: Admiral Teromeda
  • Tyrena - 5th Fleet, Commanding Officer: Captain Percles
  • Tythóran - 32nd Fleet, Commanding Officer: Commodore Monoud
  • Vehement - 1st Fleet, Commanding Officer: Captain Palirim
Galactic Empire of Cyrannus
  • Sovereign - 10th Outer Rim Defense Fleet, Commanding Officer: Admiral Siruliulus
  • Autarch - 3rd Cirith Beleg Fleet, Commanding Officer: Captain Corera
  • Heresiarch - 54th Fleet, Commanding Officer: Admiral Terentius
  • Emperor - 1st Quadrantia Fleet, Commanding Officer: Grand Admiral Ramandros


Feared and respected instruments of the Empire's supreme will to bring order to the cosmos.

- Deoclet Caesarius

Powerful warships indeed, though not powerful enough to trample on the self-determination of the species of the Imperial State.

- Tyermaillin

Citizens travelling the trade routes of the Republic find comfort in these majestic sentinels of order protecting them from the threats that see the benefit in attacking innocent supply lines.

- Apollo

Only the best and brightest in the Imperial Navy could ever hope to command one of these battlecruisers.

- Gaius Prentus


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  • The more realistic elements of the abilities of the Procurator-class came from Wormulon.

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