The Praetor-class Star Battlecruiser is a 4,800 metre long vessel designed by Grand Mandator Garlboz. The first vessels of the class were put into development at the Shipyards of Rowar of Rambo Nation soon after the signing of the controversial Nim-Glaré Concordat to serve the new union between the Rambo and the Empire. Due to the exorbitant expense of the class, they function as flagships of large Imperial armadas, designed to accommodate various Rambo technologies such as holodecks and increased scientific facilities for long-range exploration missions. Due to their size and heavy firepower, the Praetor-class act as the flagships of the Imperial fleets in the Quadrants and likewise serve command roles in Cyrannian taskforces.

However, relatively few Praetor-class ships were commissioned by the Empire in Cyrannus itself, with Imperial tacticians considering them to be more expensive and less versatile than the smaller Imperator and Harrower-class Star Destroyers, while not instilling the same abject terror as the far larger Star Dreadnoughts. As such, Praetor-class vessels are most often seen in defense fleets in the Core, though some lead armadas on missions on the very fringes of Imperial space, far from the influence of the Empire's military might.


Many Praetor-class vessels were seized by Mortikran during the opening stages of the New Cyrandia Wars.

Much like the Ifrit-class Star Destroyer, the Praetor-class Star Battlecruiser were designed by a team of Imperial and Rambo scientists at the Shipyards of Rowar soon after the signing of the Nim-Glaré Concordat, under the orders of the Grand Mandator Garlboz. Soon after the class was introduced, the Praetor-class became common sights on the space lanes in Rambo space, with the class proving to be popular with Imperial Quadrantia captains, to the point that the class was introduced in Cyrannus soon after.

During the New Cyrandia Wars, much of the Quadrantia Imperial fleet was seized by Commander Mortikran, who pledged alliegence to the rebellious and tyrannical Zillum during the opening stages of the conflict. During the pivotal Battle of the Angforst Space Station, Mortikran almost crippled the loyalist Imperial and Rambo fleet over the Rambo Capital, only to be repelled by the arrival of Captain Tector Decimius and the Chimaera, which together with the Rambo fleet, destroyed many of Mortikran's Praetor-class vessels.

After the end of the conflict, most Praetor-class vessels in Cyrannus were deployed to the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation, while others were assigned to the defence fleets of key Imperial worlds. In the Quadrants, many Quadrantia Praetors remained under Rambo/Imperial control, while others remained in service to Mortikran and the Great Star Dominion.

After the end of the Second Great Cyrannus War that saw teh collapse of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, the remaining handful of Praetor-class Battlecruisers saw service within the New Empire.


Like most Imperial vessels, the Praetor-class can be distinguished by a distinctive dagger-shaped profile an a grey-hued hull. Indeed, the vessel is often confused for an up-scaled version of the infamous Imperator-class Star Destroyer, though it can easily be recognised due to the central ridge stretching from the stern to the centre of the hull and the two primary engines located on the dorsal portion of the ship separated by the ridge. This dorsal ridge houses the bridge, recreation zones, living quarters and other crew areas, with the rest of the ship devoted to weapon systems, hangar decks and engineering.

The Imperial Battlestation arrives at Brezank, escorted by multiple Praetor-class vessels.

The Praetor-class features far heavier armour than the Imperator-class, lacking a bridge tower or a ventral reactor sphere, hiding both thick layers of armour. Nevertheless, though smaller, the Imperator-class is generally equipped with more advanced shield and weapon technologies, though the sheer size of the Praetor-class allows for the implementation of a considerably higher amount of weapon systems.

Notable Vessels[]

  • Subjugator
  • Helmsman
  • Stalwart


Mighty vessels. They shall serve my Dominion well.

- Zillum



  • The Quadrantia version was created by Dinoman82 and the Cyrannian version was created by Cyrannian.

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