The Phoenix-class Battleship is a specialty vessel designed for planetary and system bombardments from interstellar speeds. It is designed to quickly accelerate to interstellar speeds, deploy its interstellar ramjet, and siphon off a portion of the collected interstellar medium to store in massive graphene balloons, each capable of storing almost fourteen times its own weight in hydrogen and helium gas form the interstellar medium. These can then be deployed prior to entry to a system to destroy incoming fleets or (especially) planets and habitats. As each of the spheres contains nearly a yottajoule of energy, a single one can vaporize a continent-sized McKendree cylinder, and a thousand can de-terraform even the largest of planets from T3 back to T0. The ship, still traveling at over 0.10c, then just flies out of the system unharmed.

While a Phoenix-class ship is no match for a Griffon-class ship in close combat, Phoenix-class ships can outmatch even a Dragon-class Titan when it comes to quick-and-fast orbital bombardment. Thus, Phoenix-class ships are considered a specialty weapon, and the ships themselves are not designed to be front-line fighters. Nevertheless, Phoenix-class ships still have four hundred thousand thermonuclear missiles at their disposal, and so are not unarmed in case of an emergency.



Main Components[]

Component Number Component type Other information
Protium Fusion Reactor 1 Power generation 60 GW to 800 TW output
Main Protium Fusion Rocket 1 Main engine
  • 18.75 TN thrust
  • 12,500,000 m/s delta-V in onboard fuel
Protium Fusion Thurster-Turret 2000 Reaction Control Systems 1 GN thrust each
Interstellar ramjet 20 Fuel extraction and refining
  • Minimum effective speed 5,000,000 m/s
  • Maximum effective speed 32,000,000 m/s
Basic Computer System 1 Computer System 5.0 THz processing power, 2.5 TB RAM, 18000 1U pizzabox servers.
Life Support bay 2 Gravity, Food, Air, and Water generation 6.00 m/s^2 gravity, maximum sustainable crew 2,500,000.


Weapon name Number Weapon type Energy Fire rate
Main Protium Fusion Rocket 1 Plasma 300 EW Continuous
Protium Fusion Thurster-Turret 2,000 Plasma 16 PW Continuous
Medium Missile Launchers 400,000 Explosive 850 PJ Single-use
Relativistic Graphene Balloon 1000 Kinetic 764 ZJ (Assuming 32,000,000 m/s deployment speed, and that the balloons are filled with 75% H, 25% He by mass interstellar medium to the capacity determined by the yield stress of graphene at 130 GPa) Single-use, must be prepared beforehand.


Armor material Thicknesss Energy to rupture Laser Resistance Energy to melt
CANT-TI Alloy 8.0 m 9.6 GJ/m^2 30 % reflectivity 47.3 GJ/m^2
Reflective Plating 0.5 m 2.5 MJ/m^2 98 % 7.2 GJ/m^2


Shield Backups Energy rating Resistances Vulnerabilities
Mk. 11 Quantum Chromodynamic Shield 8 35 TJ/mol quarks maximum rating Most plasma and kinetic weapons Lasers, electron beams, things with a whole lot of momentum


Empire name Number of Phoenix-class battleships in service Production capacity per month
Nivenian Empire 12,000,000 100,000 (80,000)
General Information
Nivenian History after Dekemurios 32, 20 NE
Nivenia Space Core Systems (within 3.2 light-years)
Nivenia Space Rouge Planets