The Paragavatus-Class Super Star Destroyer are massive ships deployed by Rambo Nation in 20 AQF to regain their position as military super power under High King Rambert Ramveral. They were brought into the Quadrant Galaxies from another reality during the Crossing Line-incident. They measure over 52 km in lenght and contain the heaviest war armanents ever seen in the history of a Quadrantia faction. The class is named in honor of Paragon Uriel Ultanos, long time friend and advisor of Rambo Nation before his dissapearance.


Two Paragavatus-class Super Star Destroyers arrive!

Around 20 AQF, shortly after the infamous "Gorge" crisis and the subsequent failed Franco-Rambo Summit tension in the Quadrant Galaxies rose to unprecedented levels between Rambo Nation and the French Empire. Fearing the France might if they would get aid of their Xonexi Allies, Lady Aur'Shivania was tasked by High King Rambert Ramveral to design new and powerful super star destroyers to significantly boost the Rambo might. She began designing the Paragavatus-Class, a far more larger and impressive vessel than her earlier updated designs of the Caradhras-Class and an homage to the Paragons of the Draconid Imperium. However resources were spare and such a construction would draw attention from outsiders, even if they were build in the Metruia Nebula. As such Aur'Shivania designed the Interdimensional Warp Gate and managed to contact fleet-captain Rambam of an alternate reality around 06 AQF who began the construction of the vessels in his time line.

With aid of the USS Tyhpon and the Warp Gate the first Paragavatus-Class arrived in october 20 AQF, a few days later followed by two other vessels of its class in the prime-reality of the Quadrant Galaxies. The USS Paragavatus of Draconid, flagship under command of Rambam arrived first, shortly followed by the USS Emperor of Grimbolkind and the USS Monarchy of Väeressëa. By March 2820, all the vessels within the class were sieged and spirited away by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.


Notable Ships[]

  • USS Aedanius of Cyrannus (planned to come through the portal)
  • USS Emperor of Grimbolkind
  • USS Monarchy of Väeressëa
  • USS Paragavatus of Draconid
    Under command of fleet-captain Rambam



  • The USS designations of the vessels are references to some of the First Gigaquadrant rulers.

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