Assassins are an Ottzelloan Grox ship, which are in the Borealis Grox Empire and Unified Nation of Ottzello fleets.



The original Assassin was simply known as the Grox Spaceship, and was a common ship. However, the Grox in the Ottzello Galaxy (now Ottzello Sector of the Borealis Galaxy) were growing apart from the Grox Meta-Empire, and when the Grox were cut off from the Meta-Empire by the Kralgon Invasion Force and joined the United Nations of Ottzello, they were put out of commission, for some time.


Just before the end of the Third Ottzello Galactic War, the ships were recommissioned, although they relayed on Chronoscopic, which outside Ottzello, was low in supply. The Assassins were fairly commonly used, but soon replaced by UNO Fighter-Bombers.


UNO's reliance on Chronoscopic was changed, when they explored more non-Chronoscopic alternates to their weapon, and the Assassins were changed. They were given electrolasers, antimatter missiles and railguns like all UNO ships. They were also transformed into mostly AI piloted ships. However, the Assassins weren't used much by UNO. When a corrupted Grox AI moved to join the Borealis Grox, the Unified Nation, in response, revamped and reused the Assassins. However, the Borealis Grox' Assassin ships were outfitted with the same weapons, meaning the Borealis Grox had all that UNO had added to the weapons.



Grox Assassins, in appearance on the outside, are simply slightly modified and recoloured Grox Spaceships. However, their railgun is concealed, until used. The decision for this is unknown. They are around 65m long, making them UNO's largest starfighter.


Assassins will behave in very much the same way as UNO Fighter-Bombers and Grox Spaceships; they will be constantly hunting down enemy starfighters, and can easily dodge asteroids and rocks.


Grox Assassins use particle drives and Cold Relay required equipment for travel. They have regenerative ablative armour and regenerative nonphasic deflector shielding for defence.



Grox ships have electrolasers, transphasic antimatter missile launchers, railguns, pseudometal warhead launchers, ship-to-ship repeating blasters, ion repeater blasters, graviton beam generator and antimatter bombs for attacks.


Evading Grox Assassins is often a case of simply using faster and smaller starfighters. Also, outnumbering can confuse the AIs, if it is AI piloting them.


Assassins are useful as they are the largest and most powerful starfighters. They are used in similar situations to the UNO Fighter-Bomber, and provide the same battle advantages as them. They can often make short work of other starfighters and cause considerable damage to larger ships, and when accompanied by even smaller UNO Fighter-Bombers and Tralkik Killers, they are even more deadly.

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