Annihilators are Ottzelloan Grox ships, used in the Borealis Grox Empire and Unified Nation of Ottzello's fleets.



The Annihilator was a weapon being designed in the Ottzello Galaxy (now located in Ottzello Sector of the {fiction|Borealis Galaxy) for the Meta-Grox Empire, but it was not completed by the time the Second Ottzello Galactic War. The Kralgon Invasion Force cut off all contact with the Meta-Grox empire, so the Grox were stuck with developing it on their own.

First usage[]

They were first used during the Third Ottzello Galactic War, to fight the Hostile Xenoform Threat worlds; they thrived on any living thing, so the Ottzelloan Grox developed the ship to burn HXT worlds. The ships weren't developed on further when the Grox joined the United Nations of Ottzello, as development focus switched to UNO's fleet.


The ships were later picked up by the Unified Nation, who felt they needed more ships than just the UNO Destroyers to attack the worlds themselves, without just destroying them. They were outfitted with railguns and electrolasers, and given the travel technology that the Unified Nation's ships were all using.

However, when a corrupt Ottzelloan Grox AI, which wasn't part of the The System, left to join the Borealis Grox, the same weaponry went to the Borealis Grox. This gave the Borealis Grox a powerful and unique weapon.



The Annihilator is 800m long, with 6 claw-like wings near its rear, with can convert into weapons.


Annihilators will behave in ways similar to the Meta-Grox fleets and Kralgon Obliterators; they will focus most on attacking the actual planet, based on the combat situation. In most situations, they will simply deploy Ottzelloan Grox Assassins, Killer Pods to the surface, and bombard the world. However, if needed, their weaponry can be very deadly to enemies.


The Ottzelloan Grox Annihilator is an enormous cruiser, most notable for its weapon, the Staff of Death. This weapon is a common Grox weapon, and is the opposite of the Staff of Life; it depletes all life on a planet using a strong nanoswarm. However, this modified version doesn't automatically deplete all life, rather, it just kills the sapient life for UNO to take over. If, however, the planet is worthless and could be used simply for mining, or the wildlife would be better dead, it is removed of life, and UNO will terraform the world later. The ships also deploy Ottzelloan Marinox.



Annihilators have electrolasers, hyperthermal pulser, planet-glasser superlasers, antimatter missiles, railguns, particle cannons, staff of death. The Annihilator's weapons can cause heavy damage- in particular the planet glasser superlaser, which can glass planets (completely burn their surface).


There are no specific tactics regarding evading the Grox Annihilators.


Annihilators are incredibly large ships, used more for damaging planets and deploying Assassin ships and Killer Pods, although they can be very useful in space combat. Their weapons are more than capable of taking out most other ships, but more designed for attacking the planets themselves.

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