The Olympic-class is a unique kind of vessel in service of Rambo Command. A class build soley for medical aid and relief missions for those in need of medical care. This hospital ship are a welcome sight to those in need, though might need additional protection against those who wish to do harm against medical services.


The class was designed at the Shipyards of Rowar after Rambo Nation joined the Noble Alliance in 127 BQF. A few years after their joining, Rambo Command was able to launch their hostipal ship, able to give high medical care even in the Outer Colonial Regions, as in those times the colonial regions were not yet as advanced as in later years. The fellow members made use of these mobile hospitals as well.

Ever since the Olympic-class served within the Space fleet as a support vessel and often seen taking care of wounded soldiers, clone troopers and crewmembers after battle. The ships are also often send to aid planets in need after a formal request to the Rambo Goverment. Over time the class recieved two updates to keep up with modern standards, with slight differances to it's appearance with the current version classified as the V2 Mk. II version.


The Olympic-class, unlike most Rambo starships doesn't posses a saucer section for it's command hull, but instead a spheroid-shaped command hull. The added space granted by the spheroid command hull allows most of the ship's laboratories, medical bays, crew rooms and wards to be included. The engineering hull are like other designs used by the Rambo fleet, though extra sections were aadded to the sides of the engineering hull, containing additional laboratories and wards. These proved invaluable, as they could be used to treat highly contageous patients and could be seperated by the main sections of the ship, preventing a possible outbreak of contageous virusses or bacteries to infect the entire ship. All of the faciliities onboard were equipped with the latest medical equipment, and staff by some of the best medical personnel that served in the Rambo fleet, able to perform intensive care and daily care. Due to the high costs to maintain these kind of vessels, the Rambo fleet only has 7 Olympic-class vessels in service.

For protection the class was installed with four phaser arrays, aft and fore photon torpedo launchers and shields to escape an attack when needed.

Notable ships[]

  • USS Galen
  • USS Hippocrates
  • USS Hope
  • USS Noble
  • USS Olympic
  • USS Pasteur (under command of captain Lothíriel Avery)
  • USS Tranquility


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