The Odyssey-class star cruiser is a large exploration cruiser serving in the Republic Starfleet, designed to lead the Republic into a new age of peaceful exploration and scientific advancement. Like the much smaller Nova-class, the Odyssey-class was constructed primarily by the Shipyards of Rowar in Rambo Nation, sharing a similar design to many Rambo starships in active service. However, upon the destruction of Rowar by the Galvarus superweapon, production of the Odyssey-class shifted to Coruaan. Designed as a long range vessel, the Odyssey is equipped with strong shielding and durability, being capable of traversing the galaxy and even parallel realities.



The Celestes, under the command of Captain Achille, exploring a system in the Unknown Regions of Cyrannus.

The Odyssey-class star cruiser began production soon after the establishment of the New Cyrannian Republic in 03 NE, as per President Apaltar's early policies favouring a peaceful exploratory starfleet over the fully militarised navy seen during the days of the United Republic of Cyrannus. Though designed primarily by shipwrights of the Coruaan Shipyards, the Odyssey-class benefited immensely from pro-Republic members of Rambo Nation, who lobbied the Senate of the Rambo to allow the Republic construct the Odyssey vessels - in addition to the Intrepid-class - at the Shipyards of Rowar.

Odyssey-class vessels served the Republic well during the turbulent years of the New Cyrandia Wars, travelling the vast swaths of space in the Cyrannus Galaxy unexplored by the races of the core territories. The Celestes, under the command of Captain Achille was particularly prestigious in this regard, making first contact with over three hundred previously unidentified species within a five year mission period. After the end of the Cyrandia Wars and the beginning of the Cyrannian Cold War, many Odyssey-class vessels underwent a refit which included substantial improvements in weapons, hull plating and shield systems.


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