The Oberth-class is one of the smaller starships found in the modern fleets of Rambo Nation. Her primary role is that of a short range scientific light-cruiser, to explore space and nebulas within or at Rambo borders.


USS Grissom encounters a Jenassian cruiser near an astroid

The Oberth-class was launched into service shortly after the Trogg Wars and shortly before the start of the Golden Age in 429 BQF. Her role then was that of a VIP transport for the admirality of Rambo Command and space travel between the inner and mid colonial sectors. However, its limited offense capabilities made it difficult to use in fleet battles and the ship soon withdrew to the background. Some ships did see action during the Second Galactic War in 0 BQF in aid of the standard fleets that were hammered by the Imperial Alliance. Afterwards, the class was withdrew out of active service.

At the start of 08 AQF, as Rambo Nation experienced a new period of peace under the Nim-Glaré Concordat and protectorate of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, Rambo Command relaunched and revamped the Oberth-class into active service, in the same role and to relieve the larger vessels of transport between colonies.


The Rambo Nation Oberth-class featured an unique and atypical amongRambo starships. The outboard plan incorporated a unique split hull design, with an upper priary hull that was composed mainly of the saucer section, engineer sections, propulsion section and the crew quarters and mess hall. Two warp drive nacelles were mounted on either side of the saucer.

The secondary hull was connected to the primary hull at the nacelles by reinforced pylons. It is oblong in shape and features mainly the shuttle and cargo bays and room to collect gassious substances for scientific purposes.

It is equipped with defloctor shields, a forward and aft phaser bank, two side mounted phaser cannons and one forward torpedo launch bay. Considering all other vessels in the fleet, the Oberth-class offensive systems are inferior and the class is not designed for ship to ship combat.

Notable Ships[]

Notable Ships:

  • - USS Biko
  • - USS Grissom
  • - USS Oberth
  • - USS Pegasus
  • - USS Tsiolkovsky
    (destroyed during exploration mission)
  • - USS Yosemite


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