The Noctis-Class Battlestation is a Rambo Nation superweapon that started construction under the rule of Dino Le Rambo I, the longest reigning Monarch of Rambo Nation. Desigend as a test-bed for later battlestations like the Angforst and the Suiliagothrond-line battlestations. Emperor Dino Le Rambo ordered the construction of massive superweapons in response to the destructive might and devastating caused during the Algernon War and to respond to threats that emerged during the War of Ages.


As the devastation of the Algernon War was clear, Emperor Dino Le Rambo I of Rambo Nation realised the peacekeeping Navy needed heavier fire power to stand their grounds against the many enemies of Rambo Nation. As such he ordered Rambo Command to research the possibilty to create a mobile battle station with massive destructive powers.

The result was the odd looking Noctis, its design approved construction started within the Metruia Nebula in 25 BQF and took over a decade to finish. Its construction history was plagued by delays and construction faults, with the threat of the Lizardian making badly needed personnel and materials spare. In 05 BQF, the station was finally finished and ready for test runs. To the horror of the admirality and the Monarch the station vanished during its test run in december 05 AQF, shortly before the outbreak of the First Galactic War in 04 BQF with the Imperial Alliance.


The Noctis suerweapon, also nicknamed Le Rambo's Fist was a giant planetary-scale battlestation serving as a test-bed for later superweapons constructed by Rambo Nation. It featured four primary ionic cannon superlasers, capable of shattering a planet. The four ionic cannons dominated the battlestation's external forward superstructure. The massive dish on the forward section could be used to channel the four cannons energy in a single beam to open singularities and in theory a portal into the past or future.

Its central command bridge was integrated within the station and as such was difficult to target, though it limited its overall view and the crew had to rely on sensors and camera images installed all over the exterior of the station. Its interior was divided into sections and levels containing workrooms, repair station, cargo holds, crew chambers etc.

Aft of the station, a massive shuttle-bay could hold over 450 fighter crafts and at least two Miranda-Class vessels that could act as protection.



  • The Noctis is the first super weapon created by Rambo Nation, originally in mind of Dino Le Rambo as a defense for the territories of Rambo Nation.

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