The Muunivelle-class container transport, also reffered simply as the Muunivelle freighter are 233 meter long tetradron-shaped, hyperspace-capable bulk freighters deployed by the Muunivelle Shipping Company.


Sometime before 2020 and the destruction of the Shipyards of Rowar, a large number of Muunivelle-class container transport were delivered from the yards to the Muunivelle Shipping Company.

Over time, container transports were a common sight within the Quadrant Galaxies.


The containter transports are 233 meter long tetradon-shaped, hyperspace-capable bulk freighters. Its role is to move great amounts of cargo across the Cyrandia Cluster for those that employ the service of the Muunivelle Shipping Company every day, being essential to commerce and economies. The ships almost never entered planets' atmospheres; instead they docked at space station and transfer yards where they loaded and unloaded cargo. The class is rather expensive and only the best trained captains are employed by the Shipping Company to commandeer these vessels. The class could transport up to 200 containers that are attached to the rear traingular side of the ship, encased between the three sublight engines. On either side a single docking port for small shuttles and other ships is located. In addition to its sublight engines, the class is equipped with a hyperdrive, two forwards laser cannons and one top-mounted double-barrelled turbo laser.

The vessels were constructed by the Shipyards of Rowar before the moons destruction by Galvarus-superweapon. Maintaince of the vessels since is done by the Shipping Company or hired contracters.


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