The Miranda-class is a long time battle cruiser in service of Rambo Nation and her Rambo Navy! It has served on the front lines of decades and is one of the most common ships in service.


A Miranda-class destroyed by a Regillis Hunter plasma weapons in the NX-region

The Miranda-class came into service during the Golden Age of Rambo Nation, designed to be a battle cruiser it was meant to fight in fleets during space battles, but also to be capable of intercepting vessels at their own and conduct long term border patrols. As such the ship was created in such a way it could serve as a omni-role vessel with powerful fire capabilities.

For years, the ships were vital in the defense of Rambo Nation and her colonies. It gained a great repuatation and a populair vessel among the captains. Due to it's smaller size, mass production and popularity the Shipyards of Rowar were able to construct the vessel at cheaper prizes than the more expensive Constitution-Class and the Excelsior-Class.

During conflicts like the Second Galactic War in 0 BQF and the following Intergalactic War in 01 AQF, the class proved her worth and Rambo Command decided to upgrade the vessel and give it a V2 status in 01 AQF. Three years later, during the Great Cyrannus War the class was chosen to recieve a V2 MkII upgrade as well, giving the ship a sleaker and more sturdier appearance. The newest upgrade ensured the survival of service for the ever reliable Miranda-class. Together with the Constellation-Class, the Miranda-class became the main battle cruisers in service. Though commonly found within the Quadrant Galaxies, the class due to it's high number of produced ships have the notorious reputation as the class that has the highest number of destroyed vessels in history.

With the successes of allowing France their own French Constitution-Exeter sub-class in 06 AQF, in return for allowing Rambo Nation to construct their own RNSF Mirage Cascabel strike crafts- Rambo Command began researching if it was possible to put the Miranda-class at the Arms Market for other to produce and use. Following the exchange, the Rambo upgraded their Miranda-classes to a V3 version, with a more sleaker design systems that were better integrated.


The Miranda-class was constructed with a single primary hull, consisting out of a saucer commonly found among Rambo Nation vessels. The bridge module was placed in the center of the saucer, the aft of the class featured two large hangar bays and cargo compartments. Like most ships, the saucer housed the various accommodations for the crew and passengers.

The Miranda-class was equipped with four photon torpedo launchers (two front, two aft), phasers (2 forward/1 each side and 2 aft). The class had additional pulse-phaser cannons as well, located in the rollbar that draw power directly from the warp core, allowing the class to fire high amounts of energy directly at the enemy, making it a formidable and dangerous opponent.

Mounted at the underside of the primary hull were two warp nacelles, allowing the ship to reach speeds of Warp 8.

Notable ships[]

  • USS Audacious
  • USS Blade of Rambo
  • USS Brittain
  • USS Emperor's Servant
  • USS Glorious (destroyed during the Intergalactic War)
  • USS Emperors Destroyer (destroyed during 2nd Galactic War)
  • USS Lantree (destroyed during the Intergalactic War)
  • USS Legionaire (destroyed during the Heer Stekeveel War)
  • USS Majestic. (under command of captain Ramniels)
  • USS Nautilus
  • USS Reliant (under command of captain Kloplyna)
  • USS T'rin'saz
  • USS Tin An Rambo
  • USS Trail
  • USS Ulysses (destroyed during the 2nd Galactic War)
  • USS Valhalla (destroyed during the Second Galactic War)
  • USS Valor
  • USS Valorous


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