Loyalist One is a heavily modified and upgraded Munificent-class star frigate once deployed in service of the Confederacy of Allied Systems. Lord Ramannis Le Rambo gained possesion of the vessel during the Great Cyrannus War in 2803 (05 AQF} and ever since gave his people the task to upgrade the vessel to modern standards.

With the formation of the Rambo Loyalist faction Lord Ramannis deploys the vessel as his personal flagship.


During the Second Great Cyrannus War the Munificent-class star frigate 18 was deployed by the Confederacy of Allied Systems. During a patrol within the Quadrant Galaxies near Ramar Shadda the Rambo Serindia Lord Ramannis Le Rambo gained possesion of the vessel after it was abandoned after malfunctions around 2803 (05 AQF). Over the following decades, the citizens of Ramar Shadda upgraded and modified the ship to its current state.


Loyalist One leads the Loyalist fleet, December 2818

As Lord Ramannis begrudgingly witnissed the crowning of High King Rambert Ramveral in 2810 the Serindia Lord laid the foundations for the future Rambo Loyalist resistance faction. He named the vessel the Loyalist One as a statement that he remained loyal to his niece, the comatose Supreme Empress Ramashe. Eight years later, in December 2818 the Loyalist One was launched into service. It led the Loyalist fleet as its flagship, consisting out of Sundered-class and Tiger-class starfighters into the Cyrannus Galaxy to join the Cyrandia Resistance.

Shortly after the Loyalist saw its first public and combat appearance when it aided the Creeper Cabel whom were under siege by Inquisitor Chi Chodecra. It later participated in the Battle of Ambar where it recieved critical damage and was send into drydocks for months for repairs.


Rendesvouzing with the Loyalist fleet while damaged, May 2819

By 2819, the Loyalist One rendesvouzed with dissidents of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and welcomed them into the ranks of the Loyalists after once again besting Inquisitor Chodecra. Afterwards the vessel travelled to Ozdudrahk in the Space in Between where it remained until its discovery in May 2819. There the damaged flagship lost its escorting fleet and was forced to withdraw and rendesvouz with the rest of the Loyalist Ensemble in the Purpura Nebula.

With the start of the Dawn of Divina-events in 2820, the Loyalist One was left out of fleet battles due ot its importance and housing their leader, Lord Ramannis whom was considered vital for the survival of the Loyalists. After the losses at Isle Blue the Loyalist One relocated to the Finduila Sector where it proved instrumental in providing a platform to meet with representatives and the king of the Kingdom of the Netherlands who eventually joined the Loyalist cause. In April 2820 the Loyalist One was part of a Loyalist/Dutch fleet that engaged the Legatus Finduilica at Garkarg that resulted in a peace term with the Legatus.


Loyalist One leads the Loyalist/Dutch fleet against Starbase 25, August 2820

In August 2820, the Loyalist One returned to the Quadrant Galaxies where it led the Loyalist and Kingdom of the Netherlands fleet against the Imperial forces stationed at Starbase 25, signaling the start of the Ramboidae Capital campaign in an attempt to liberate it from Imperial subjugation. During the battle the ship was damaged after taking relentless fire from the ICS Autokrator though managed to hold out long enought for a Singularim Pact fleet to arrive that ensured the Loyalist victory over the Imperial forces.

Shortly after it joined the Singularim Pact fleet to assault Rambo Prime and survived the four day battle. By the end of the battle, it entered low orbit in search of survivors after Mandator Ramburgo Ramveral ordered an orbital bombardment of Rambo Prime City. As the Loyalist One passed the ICS Thanatos mere kilometers apart during its descent, both vessels did not fire its cannons. The ships sensors were used to find survivors in the ruins of the burning city, but found few.

The Loyalist One participated during the battle of Pauvenris where it engaged both Imperial and Legatus forces. During the battle it picked up survivors from the Vietara and the Laiora. After the battle is housed the arrival of princess Ramanei Joy Feather and various houses pledging their loyalty and fealty to the newly crowned monarch.

The Loyalist One participated during the liberation of the Rambo Capital. After the battle the battle hardened vessel was scheduled for an eventual retire and repurpose as a museum ship.


Name Rank Position Timeframe
Ramannis Le Rambo Lord Commanding Officer 2803 - 2820

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