Lianna Station, also known as Starbase 08 is a large space station with an old service record in service of Rambo Nation. Pre-Second Galactic War, the station was made as a civilian station, located within the Inner Colonial Sector. However, as various wars began to hammer at Rambo Nation her might, the station fell in disgrace and was soon abandoned by the citizens of Rambo Nation. However, during the Quadrantia Disorder the station was given a new purpose when the New Cyrannian Republic discovered a second wormhole leading into the Cyrannus Galaxy. This wormhole led to the Oddysseia Region in the Unknown Regions. Soon, seeing the wormhole as an important strategic location, Rambo Nation relocated Lianna to guard the wormhole in name of Rambo Nation and the Quadrant Galaxies.

The station, upgraded and refitted with weapons and state of the art shields, the station was placed under command of former renegade Serindia captain Rambas. This act, as well as the new placement of the station made her quite controversial and a new target for the enemies of Rambo Nation!

Service History[]

Construction and Civilian History (400 BQF - 0 BQF)[]

The construction of Starbase 08 began in early 400 BQF, during the Golden Age of Rambo Nation. Her 08 designation indicates that she is one of the earliest space stations build by Rambo Nation, the first being the Capital Space Dock.

The station took years to build, and finally around 370 BQF the station was finally finished and brought into service. The station, with her primary role as civilian and science station was build in the Inner Colonial Region, build near the planet Pauvenris. The station remained into civilian hands for the next 300 years and remained uneffected by conflicts like the Algernon War.

Abandoned (0 BQF - 06 AQF/03 NE)[]

However, with the outbreak of the Second Galactic War with the Imperial Alliance and the Ruin Sector Alliance, the station was abandoned and fell in disgrace and was left mostly empty, a perfect stronghold for the criminals and hiding place for bounty hunters. For years the station fell into disrepair until new events forced Rambo Command to rethink the purpose of their navy and stations.

Cyrandia Bastion (06 AQF/03 NE - 22AQF(2820))[]

Rambas arrives at Lianna Station

A new purpose for the station was found years later, in 06 AQF/03 NE when the New Cyrannian Republic found a second wormhole that connected the Cyrannus Galaxy with the Quadrants. This wormhole led the Republic to the so called Oddyssei region, near the borders of Imperial and Jenassian space. Fearing that such a wormhole could be used against Rambo interessts, and to uphold their so called guardians of Quadrant 82, Empress Ramashe ordered Starbase 08 to be re-located and placed near the wormhole. With newly returned captain Rambas as her helm, Ramashe felt sure that neither the Empire or the Republic would want to face the veteran Rambo officer. At the same time the station was repaired, for both militairy and civilian purposes and became equipped with shields, phaser arrays/cannons and with an armanent of over 5000 photon torpedoes. It was given classified vortex torpedoes as well, with one purpose only: in case of an invasion of Q82, close the wormhole by using Vortex torpedoes. While there was some controversion about the placement of the wormhole by other empires, the Nation defended her choices that the station was to act as a trading hub for all those travelling from the Quadrants to the Oddysseia region and vice-versa.

Official Opening of Lianna Station

Rambas himself was pleased with his new command, but saw new difficulties as the surrounding empires and nations weren't always on friendly terms with eachother. As the station became fully operational, Rambo Nation began sending exploration ships into the Oddysseia Region as well as welcoming civilians onboard the station to provide services to traders, the officers and visitors.

The diplomats argue.

A few weeks later after Rambas took command of the station, he welcomed both Ramashe and Apollo onboard the station for the official opening of the station. A few hours later various dignitaries arrived, like Aurestor Beldrin Savenium and emperor Savra. During the meeting he was informed by the Empress of an impending attack by the New Republic, something Rambas was ordered to take precautions. Near the end of the official opening, after some drinks and snacks Ramashe made a small speech and told those present that the Rambo were taking steps to take upon their mantle of peace keepers again. Rambas was pleased, this meant less conflict and a return to explorations! Shorlty after, various civilians arrived at the station to settle themselves onboard and to open shops or to simply live their as civilians.

During the sixth month of 03 NE/06 AQF Lianna was the first stop for the New Republic's newly launched ship, the CRS Republica under command of Willelmus Cretacea. The Republica brougth dignitaries of the New Republic with whom Rambas and senator Adar, representing the Rambo Goverment.

Ships gather near Lianna for an important conference.

The start of the meeting was rocky, with both sides blaming and accusing eachother of the attack. Due to efforst of Willelmus, it was discovered that the Icolian Assemblage was behind the attack, sparking a new cooperation between the New Republic and the Rambo.

In the first month of 07 AQF, Lianna-station was the stage of another conference. Organised by Apollo, with representatives of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and Rambo Nation in order to discuss matters of great, mutual importance to the factions of the Cyrandia Cluster.

Quadrantia species gather at Lianna-station

Aidan Collins of the Allied Terran Republic was present as well at the meeting. During the meeting matters like the human colonisation within Quadrants and the repeal of the Ním-Glare Concordat were discussed before the meeting ended, all parties left rather satisfied.

During the first month of 07 AQF, shortly after the Viral Outbreak at Koerband a large fleet of various Quadrantia species assembled itself at the station for an important meeting.

The Excelsior arrives at Lianna-station

Representatives from Rambo Nation, the Andormaru, Ca'Leon, Creckel and Xiaan nations discussed the threat Mortikran represented onboard his flagship, the Infernal and the dissolution of the Cyrandia Alliance and the possible creation of a Quadrantia version of it, eventually resulting in the Lianna Initiative with the station as its headquarters.

During the second month of 07 AQF, the USS Excelsior arrived at the station to find clues to locate the missing Serindia girl; Rayria Mary Ramelzen. In february of 08 AQF, the station hosted another diplomatic meeting, that would eventually result in the Concordian Liberation.

Second Battle of Lianna

During the New Republic Civil War Lianna-station became site for a battle between the New Cyrannian Republic and the True Republic. During the battle its personnel refused to obey Rambo Command's orders to fire upon the New Republic for breaching the wormhole with a fleet. To make matters worse a fleet under command of Malegras arrived as well and targeted the New Republic fleet. However his advance was cut short with the arrival of reinforcements that forced him to retreat. Later on in the war, the station fell in hands of the New Republic after the Rambo officers refused to fire on their friends after High King Rambert Ramveral declared war against the New Republic. After the fall of Rambo Nation the station is one of last bastions of Rambo Nation not yet under the control of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. More than ever, Lianna-station became an important and vital strategic and tactical location covoted by the Resistance and the Empire. Later on, the station was sieged by Imperial forces during the Second Battle of Lianna, resulting in the death of Apaltar and the destruction of most of the Rambo Nation refusal officers when the cannons of Lianna turned against them. During the battle, former NCR president Apaltar was executed by the Imperials.


Starbase 08, also known as Lianna station is a one of a kind station. The station is over 1400 meters in diameter and a height of around 1580 meters, marking it one of the larger space stations in service of Rambo Nation (space dock at the capital is the largest). After her upgrade and placement near the wormhole leading to the Oddysseia Region, the station recieved massive upgrades to make her "modern" again. As the station is to act as both militairy and trading station, she is equipped with a variety of material and functions. Her weapon arsenal includes 12 phaser arrays, 25 phaser cannons, 5000 photon torpedoes and an unspecified number of experimental vortex torpedoes. The station is equipped with the state of the art shields with more than 8 shield generators.

A centerpiece for delegations and peace conferences, it was also a frequent site of battle as during the New Republic Civil War

The station is equipped with 4 fueling tanks, a cargo maintaince center, external docking ports, internal shuttle bays, various position thrusters, 8 tractor beam emitters, rotatable communication and sensor array and can provide a docking and repair service up to 4 starships the size of a Constitution/Miranda/Kelvin/Olympic class for small repairs.

The station needs a full crew complement of 2400 personal to function efficiently, but due to shortage of space ship serving officers and crewmembers the station is heavily undermanned and upon her second service period under Rambas was only given 250 personal. The crew works in three duty shifts: Alpha shift is from 0700 to 1500 hours, Beta shift from 1500 to 2300 hours, and Gamma shift from 2300 to 0700 hours. The station can hold 1250 guests at all time, though in case of emergency it can provide shelter and food for a limited time for over 70.000 refugees, though quarters are then overfilled and hallways are heavily crowded as well.

The inside of the station is rather unusual for Rambo standards, instead of the basic militairy interior and locations like the brige, brick, engineering, medical bay, science labs, astronomic labs etc. it also has a civilian residences and entertainment facilities located in her saucer, below the command tower. The hollow saucer is known among the civilians and crew as "Space Paradise" is an artificial terrestial enclosure, with various plains of grass, an artificial river, trees and even hills. The central town features residential houses for civilians, diplomats and ambassadors. The town has various shops and entertainment facilities like a swimming pool and cinema as well.

Below the saucer the more militairy interiors are found, like the repair complexes, cargo and shuttle bays and the scientific labs, and of course the energy reactor in the lower sphere.

Crew and inhabitants[]

The crew and inhabitants of Lianna station is diverse and has species hailing from the Quadrants and Cyrannus. The command crew is made up by Rambo Nation, though other nationalities are found onboard the station as well. The civilian and diplomats also hail from various empires and nations.

Rambo Crew[]

The command crew is the main crew serving under Rambas, these crew are loyal to Rambas though some dare to question his orders when they find it questionable due to his former renegade status and demotion from vice-admiral to captain.

Rambas II 02.png Rambas II
06 AQF-20 AQF JiarnLarge.png
06 AQF - 20 AQF
  • First Commanding Officer
  • Hosted various diplomatic meetings between the Rambo/Republic/Empire
  • Hosted the formation of the Lianna Initiative
  • Protector of the Lianna Initiative
  • Went to become the ambassador for the New Cyrannian Republic
Rambo Emblem 2.png
Rambo Nation
CaptainTohon.png Nexul Tohon
20 AQF - 21AQF
(2818 - 2819)
Thanram TrasLarge.png
Thanram Tras
20 AQF - current
  • First non-Rambo Commanding Officer of the Lianna Rotation Articles
  • Has a Rambo Nation Lieutenant as Second in Command
  • Commands the escort Star Destroyer Si-Ri-Mo
  • Executed by Lady Astrosia during the Second Battle of Lianna
New Cyrannian Republic


The Civilians onboard the station are providing various services for the crew and visitors of the station. Most civilians have a profession, though there are also those with a criminal record calling the station their home.

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One of the civilians in a male Tezelteän who own the local bar, with an additional service with massages and escorts. These girls give massages and can even be paid as hooker, an profession not illegal in Rambo Nation.


Because of her strategic station, Lianna station houses various diplomats onboard with their own residence in the town below. Many have luxerous appartments, large houses with swimming pools and often in their yards stand a statue with the insigna of their Empire.

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My second chance! I will prove my loyalty to the Empress once again and will defend my beloved nation against all threats!

- Rambas

A Rambo station put in orbit over a wormhole we found? A disgrace!

- Thonaloc of the New Cyrannian Republic

I think it can be a place for people to sit down and discuss their differences peacefully. I have always enjoyed my visits there.

- Apollo

Very nice and all as headquarters of the Initiative, but why so close to New Republic space?

- Ramckel

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