The Leviathor-class heavy cruiser is a starship type designed and jointly operated by Imperial Intelligence and the Imperial Navy of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Borrowing heavily from Rambo Nation starships due to the Nim-Glaré Concordat, the Leviathor-class shares a similar design to the Rambo Constitution- and Excelsior-class starships, and while it is equipped with facilities required for long-range operations in deep space, it was designed primarily as a warship.


The signing of the Nim-Glaré Concordat upon the end of hostilities between the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and Rambo Nation ultimately proved lucrative for both sides. Ten standard years after the singing of the Concordat, Imperial Intelligence unveiled the Leviathor-class as a highly advanced stealth starship developed during both Imperial warship technologies and Rambo scientific and exploratory facilities allowing it to serve as the primary Imperial vessel for long-range exploration missions in the unexplored reaches of the Cyrandia Cluster, the Gigaquadrant and even other quantum realities. The primary designers of the ship reflects the joint nature of its development, with Admiral Tector Decimius of the Imperial Navy and the mysterious Phantom of Imperial Intelligence.


Aesthetically similar to Rambo vessels such as the Constitution- and Excelsior-class, the Leviathor-class features a secondary hull, two large nacelles and a distinctive saucer section, with a negative space in the midst of the bow, on the edge of which lies the main bridge. Though designed as a warship, the Leviathor-class differs from the vast Imperial Star Destroyers due to its nature as a stealth ship capable of ghost-phasing, surveillance deep within enemy territory and destroying enemies before they have time to react. As such, the Leviathor-class is equipped with top secret hyperspatial interdiction countermeasures as well as many other top secret technologies developed by Imperial Intelligence.

The Leviathor-class was designed to be operated with minimal organic crewmembers, with much of the ship's vital systems being operated by a highly advanced artificial intelligence system known as NAIA. In terms of weaponry, the Leviathor-class is highly experimental and while it is known that they lack the raw firepower of the Empire's Star Destroyers, Imperial Intelligence has spared no expense in ensuring the ferocity and deadliness of their flagship vessels.

Notable VesselsEdit

  • ICS Vanguard
  • ICS Sovereign
  • ICS Regent
  • ICS Monarch
  • ICS Tyrómairon


A vile and foul design with a purpose of evil, one insults our proud lineage of exploration vessels!

- Sinhai Kakharis, Marscalcus of Rambo Nation



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