The Legacy-class Star Destroyer is a class of battleship developed by the United Republic of Cyrannus during the First Great Cyrannus War, and later extensively used by its successor government, the New Cyrannian Republic.

Designed purely to dish out as much damage as possible, the Legacy-class forgoes the vast fighter deck of the Venator-class Star Destroyer in favour of extra heavy weapon emplacements. The Legacy-class itself is over 1,900 meters long and though they are less common than the Venator-class, they are critical components of many Republic fleet movements.

Often commanded by top ranking admirals, the Legacy-class is designed with fleet coordination in mind, leading other ships into battle with strong defences and weaponry, while relying on smaller and more nimble craft for support.


Introduced in 01 BNE during the last year of the Great Cyrannus War, the Legacy-class Star Destroyer was initially referred to by designers at the shipyards of Cyroenia as the Venator II-class, in reference to the highly successful Venator-class Star Destroyer. However, as the design was finalised the differences between the two ships necessitated the renaming of the class to the Legacy-class, named such for the hopes of a brighter future after the conclusion of the war.


The Legacy-class Star Destroyer Si-Ri-Mo fights in the Battle of the Neraida Core.

However, with the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus production on the Legacy-class was halted in favour of the larger Imperator-class Star Destroyer. Three years later however, the ship re-entered production with the formation of the New Cyrannian Republic, serving alongside vessels of the Venator-class as well as the newly designed Praesator and Phoebus-classes.


Unlike the Venator-class which is designed to function as both a battleship and a carrier, the Legacy-class was designed as a fully fledged warship, being larger, more heavily armoured and able to pack a larger punch than its more common predecessor. Though it held superior firepower to any other Star Destroyer of its time, the new Galactic Empire of Cyrannus decided against continuing ship production while simultaneously utilising many of the technologies developed on the Legacy-class for their new Imperial Star Destroyers. Though slower than the Venator-class, the Legacy Star Destroyer is equipped with heavier weapons including hyperlaser beam arrays, hypermatter torpedo batters and heavy dual turbolaser turrets.

Battle of the Temporal Gateway

Republic and Indoctrinate forces fight to destroy the Temporal Gateway during the Neraida War.

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  • Based on Galactic Republic design aesthetics in Star Wars.

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