The Legatus Troop Transport, also known as the LTT was a boxy repulsorlift ground assault vehicle deployed by the Legatus Army. The craft was manufactured by Kertas Industries and was an important and vital part of the Legatus' motor-pool within the army. It was used to either move Legatus troops in, or to move prisoners out. The LTT was fitted with two forward laser guns, and one dorsal twin laser turret.


Five years after the formation of the Legatus in 2825 (27 AQF) the Legatus Army finally recieved their troop transport from the Kertas Industries. It soon became the Legatus' primary military vehicle on bases and during occupation so their walkers could be used for combat missions.


The LTT was a long, box-shaped repulsorcraft with typical grey plating found commonly amongst the Legatus crafts. Due to its repulsorlift engine, a hovering LTT emitted a distinct noise that made it recognizable from a distance. Two pilots and a commanding NCO rode in the vehicle's cab. Up to six individuals could ride on the sides of the vehicle in the exposed racks while the interior could house up to 12 troops. It also contained a hatch in the mid-section of the vehicle that lead inside. It was fitted with two forward laser guns, and one dorsal twin laser turret for offensive and defensive purposes.

The LTT could also be modified to act as a cargo transport, its dorsal turret had to be removed and its side racks could be used to transport food supply boxes. A third variant was known as well, when it transport ammuniton the aft turret remained in place, on top the LTT would carry three orange boxes with weaponry, four side-racks would be fitted with shells and two racks with weaponry and batteries.

The Gozanti-class cruiser could carry two transports into battle while a Stutgart-class dropship could carry one of the transports into battle or to the surface of a planet.


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