The Legatus Patrol Speeder Bike, more commonly known as the LPSB, or the patrol speeder was a model of speeder bike used by driver troopers of the Legatus to patrol shipyards, cities and other industrial facilities important to the Legatus cause.


Five years after the formation of the Legatus in 2825 (27 AQF) the Legatus Army implemented the repulsercraft speeder biks known as the LPSB. Designed to patrol cities, shipyards and other industrial facilities important to the Legatus, the speeder bikes and their driver troopers became a common sight as 'police forces' on occupied planets. Though commonly seen within above mentioned situations, it was not uncommon to see them part of patrols or in combat situations.


The Legatus Patrol Speeder Bike (LPSB) was designed to convey power over agility, although it possesed both due to its advanced built-in repulsor lift maneuverability systems. With its sturdy shape it was capable of withstanding any high-speed collisions with other vehicles though it systems were prone to malfunctions in wet areas. In additon, it had onboard sophisticated electronic computer systems that alerted the driver of any incoming danger. Its main armament was a forward fixed laser cannon. Other features included a retractable illuminator emergency lamp, control handle rail slots and food-pedals that controlled the speed and altitude.


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