The Legatus Low Altitude Gunship (LLAG), also known as the Legatus gunship, was a type of Low Altitude Assault Transport that mainly served as gunships and troop transport for the Legatus military forces. Its role was to transport troopers as well as offering air-to-ground support for the Legatus military.


The Legatus Low Altitude Gunship (LLAG) were produced by Kertas Industries and deployed by the Legatus in 2840 and were often in military operations or at bases. They were also seen at ships within the Legatus Navy, the Enforcer-class frigates were equipped with multiple gunships while in some cases the Arquitens-class light cruisers sometimes featured two as well.

The Legatus Low Altitude Gunships were often a welcome sight for exhausted troopers and their commanders.


The LLAG was a repulsorlift infantry transport capable of carrying up to 25 troopers. Secondary functions included reconnaissance, direct fire support, search-and-recovery, and low-altitude air-to-ground and air-to-air strikes. In addition to its trooper complement, housed a deckplate protected by drooping wings and a sliding door, the LLAG could carry four LPSB (Legatus Patrol Speeder Bikes) in an aft-deployable rack. The crew complement comprised a pilot, a co-pilot and a loadmaster. The gunship was medium armed, with a forward heavy laser cannon and a forward laser cannon.

Though armed with atmospheric containment shielding, the LLAG's could not reach orbit altitude without a carrier vessel. Its optimal fighting range was in the lower atmosphere. A highly effective craft, it lacked large amounts of armor making it a rather vulnerable target.

Infantry gunships were equipped with atmospheric containment shielding and could be deployed from space, yet could not reach orbit altitude without a carrier vessel. The LAAT/i's optimal fighting range was in the lower atmosphere, where they could reach speeds in excess of six hundred kilometers per hour. A single Acclamator-class assault ship could carry up to eighty LAAT-series gunships, while a Venator-class Star Destroyer had space for half that complement. The LAAT/i was highly effective but lacked large amounts of armor making it a vulnerable target.


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