The Legatus Combat Tank, also known as the LCT was an infantry tank deployed by the Legatus Army. It was a track-propelled ground assault vehicle, operated by two drivers and a commander. The LCT had great maneuverability in tight quarters, such as the streets of occupied cities. Its laser cannons could devastate enemy troops, and the powerful engines could transport heavy payloads. In addition, its powerful tracks allowed the vehicle to climb steep slopes as well.


The Legatus Combat Tank (LCT) was introducted witin the Legatus Army shorlty after its formation in 2820 (22 AQF). The fledging Legatus swiftly deployed the easily and reliable constructed tank to its occupied and claimed planets. Its sturdy design came from Kertas Industries and its effectiveness in urban areas made it a vital asset to the early Legatus. After a decade, the LCT was still in use and often relied upon in combat situations, though Imperial Command began to favor the newer, faster and more versitale Legatus Troop Transport for patrol situations and began holding the LCT's in reserve for more frontline engagements. Though it was still seen as patrol craft in cities and urban areas where the LTT wasn't able to operate. When deployed in urban areas it often operated in tandem with the Legatus Patrol Speeder Bike.


Though an uncommon design amongst the Legatus military as being a tracked-propelled ground vehicle, it was a favored amongst infantry troopers when in combat as support. IT was known for its heavy armour, large longtidunil chasis, its tracks made it able to climb steep slopes or manouver in tight areas. The hull of the vehicle was split into compartments: the driver's position at the front, the fighting compart incluing the turret, the engine compartment, and the gearbox compartment. Its armament included a Heavy Laser Cannon Turret, capable of overcoming most light infantry vehicles and made short work of buildings. It's Forward Laser Cannon had a small movement scope as well.

The LCT could carry three orange ammunition boxes as optional cargo to increase operation efficiency and durability in battle or during transport. During combat situation the crew would be safely inside the vehicles, during patrols both driver's and the vehicle commander were often visible as a sign the Legatus was watching and there to protect its interests and people.

While it had weaknesses, the LCT could cross terrain obstacles that most other vehicles of its era could not. It had an average lenght of 8 meters and a height of 2.6 meters.


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