Kralgon Walkers are a Kralgon and AI Weapon.



In the days of the Empire of the Kralgon, bipedal moving vehicles were a myth, and merely fiction. Then the Kralgon Crusher was designed to traverse tough terrain, but the project was abandoned shortly, due to low resources. A smaller prototype, the Walker, was designed instead. However, the walkers struggled to move when weaponry shook them too much, thus causing traumas for the pilot. As a result, the Walker was abandoned in favour of the Crusher, which suffered similar issues. Thus, the two projects were shelved in favour of the huge Kralgon Land Weapon.

Manned to unmanned[]

Later, during the first Technobian-Kralgon War, when artificial intelligence was being prototyped, one of the military technology scientists formerly working on the Walker brought up that the Walker was shelved due to the pilots being unable to man the walkers well, and that with new AI technology, this wouldn't be the case. When the shelved project was rethought of, with AI computer replacing the former location of a pilot, the vehicle proved successful. A prototype of the Walker was made, impressing the Emperor, and thus the project went ahead. Due to the success of the Walker, AI technology became more widely used, as well as the Crusher being revived. Originally, the Crusher was going to be cancelled and the railgun used for the Walker, but electromagnetic technology wasn't as sufficient at the time, so the Crusher was made as the railgun-using vehicle.

Recent Kralgon[]

When the Empire of the Kralgon fell, a few millennia later, the Kralgon Invasion Force was formed when the last surviving Kralgon, the Kralgon Emperor, awoke and reactivated all the remains of Kralgon technology. One of the weapons reactivated was the Kralgon Walker, which the Emperor outfitted with Dark Chronoscopic to replace its lasers. The Walkers were continued for usage in the New Kralgon Empire, also using Dark Chronoscopic.


After the end of these series of events, the Kralgon from the New Kralgon Empire joined the Unified Nation of Ottzello. As a result, all of the AI weapons were reused for UNO's military. With UNO, they replaced usage of Dark Chronoscopic - although UNO have large amounts of essence available due to the Ioketa and Chronoscopic life sciences in Ottzello, it still isn't enough for their amount of usage in vehicles and isn't sufficient on non-Ottzello planets. The Dark Chronoscopic was replaced with lasers, and the main cannon became a railgun - railguns were used on the Crusher previously, and were planned to be used on the Walkers but electromagnetic technology wasn't as sufficient or sustainable for the Kralgon.Crushers became used as the big brothers of the Walkers, while the Walkers were used so often they became heavyinfantry, with the Loron and Tralkik Deathbots serving as light infantry (although both Loron and Deathbots are both strong enough to be compared to elite heavy infantry of some nations).



A walker that is simply a spherical figure with a long weapon on one side, while the other contains a large radome and shield generator. The legs seem rather small, but in fact, the feet capable of keeping it upright and taking weight. Plus, the magnetic drive in the vehicle, being an anti-gravity device, renders a lot of the vehicle's weight non-existent. They are 5 metres tall and 10 metres long, with the main cannon being around 15 metres long. As with all Kralgon AI weapons, they can use Dark Chronoscopic for a power burst, if in emergency.


Kralgon Walkers are normally found at the front of Kralgon military forces. They are the most common AI Weapon, due to being cheap to produce.


Being an unmanned weapon, they can traverse environments and survive attacks without forcing a pilot to withstand this. Furthermore, they can aim at multiple targets with perfection. They are also excellent against enemy vehicles.



Walkers use a railgun mounted on the side of its main body, and a few concealed machine guns.


Walker are best evaded by flying units; they cannot target flying targets well. In fact, all fast targets can evade their railguns without being targeted.


Used so commonly, they almost serve as UNO's 'heavy infantry', the Kralgon Walkers are the front of Kralgon armies, and are excellent at taking out vehicles with their cannon. The cannon can be used against infantry if it is fired at the environment. Being unmanned weapons, they are cheaper, and thanks to the radome's electromagnetic shielding, they won't be disrupted by EMP.

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