Kralgon Obliterators are a Kralgon Space AI Weapon, currently part of UNO's Fleet.



The Obliterators were developed as a huge warship when the Kralgon Killships could no longer handle being used as the only space combat vehicle. They were, essentially, upsized versions of the Obliterators used in the sea, and had originally been planned as air weapons. They made their first appearance in the First Ottzello Galactic War. There were many more plans for new, more powerful superweapons that were sketched on paper, but these were never finalized before the Empire of the Kralgon fell.

Recent Kralgon[]

In the Second Ottzello Galactic War, when the last surviving Kralgon, the Kralgon Emperor, began the Kralgon Invasion Force, the Obliterator was used as his personal flagship, but was modified and improved. He later employed many more Obliterators for his use, and outfitted them with Dark Chronoscopic. He also finished the concepts for outfitting more powerful superweapons on the Obliterator. He continued to use them in the New Kralgon Empire.


In the Unified Nation of Ottzello, the Obliterators used zero-point generators to replace Dark Chronoscopic, and were outfitted with even greater weaponry.



The Kralgon Obliterator's design is a unique Kralgon design. It looks essentially like a large brick that moves and has weapons, which is a god description. This is because it is an unmanned weapon, indicated by the cylindrical pod at the top. The bridge at the front is mostly the living quarters, but also serves as a bride. The windows close up when in combat.


The largest Obliterators can be up to 5 kilometres in length and 3 kilometres in height, but the smallest are around 500 metres in height and 800 metres in length. The size varies on a few unknown factors.


These ships are the most powerful and most prominent in the Kralgon navy. They serve is the core force of Kralgon, and have several purposes:

  • Transporting troops (although this isn't needed by Kralgon so often)
  • Firepower and nuclear weaponry


The Oblierator is capable of using superweapons, which can obliterate entire stars. Alongside the UNO Warship and Tralkik Destructor, they serve as UNO's capital ships, due to their immense size and firepower.

Another of the ships' great abilities is launching Killer Pods. Once landed, these launch robots which construct more killer pods and create an army of clones, in addition to warping other AI weapons and deploying powerful weapons.



Kralgon Obliterators are extremely powerful weapons. Their most common weapons are railguns, electrolasers and antimatter missiles. It has several powers, such as:

  • Creating a black hole by using the same space-time metric technology that generates wormholes to warp space in a somewhat different manner to get a black hole
  • Draining star's energy to increase power - done purely by Dark Chronoscopic
  • Destroying a planet by causing it to overload inside and explode - beaming antimatter inside
  • Causing ships to overload and explode - as with above, beaming antimatter
  • Disruption; with EMP can cause ships in a wide area to become non functional, and often fail (although they will shortly be destroyed by the ship after being disrupted), and when used with Dark Chronoscopic instead of EMP, is near impossible to defend against


Smaller ships are more difficult for the ship's AI to target; while you'd think that EMP would disable the ships, they utilise EM shielding from this. Ships that frequently warp/disappear from the Obliterator's detection can confuse the AI, if done by multiple ships frequently. However, the AI adapts to the combat situation, so it must be done quickly.


Kralgon Obliterators are found through the Kralgon starfleet. It comes in many different sizes, the larger ones have more weapons and are more powerful but fewer in number. The smaller type are found in large numbers, often surrounded by other Kralgon ships.

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