The Land Weapon is a Kralgon AI Weapon.



In the days of the Empire of the Kralgon, when the Kralgon Crusher had been developed, several new military designs that utilized AIs for control rather than a pilot, were developed, and drawn up on paper. One such was the design for a tank which tracked down enemies quickly, without needing a pilots aim. A similar one was a fast vehicle that can reach incredible speeds, and used compressed air to hover, thus able to climb walls.

Both concepts were eventually merged into one, which would be the ultimate ground weapon. When prototyped, the Land Weapon suffered from two major problems; it needed to use large, lightly armoured vents in its underbelly to prevent overheating, which could sometimes be caught. The AI system later had senses to notify when to shut and open certain vents on the sides or underbelly; underbelly is used more often, as there is no way to get underneath the vehicle and attack them, without explosives.

Recent Kralgon[]

The second problem, however, was not solved, until after the fall of the Empire, when the Kralgon Emperor, during the Second Ottzello Galactic War, discovered the concepts, and employed them in the Kralgon Invasion Force.

He made them use Dark Chronoscopic (an energy he used in excessive abuse until UNO changed it), solving the problem; there was not a sufficient power force to last long. Dark Chronoscopic easily solved this problem, being a sufficient energy source. The weapons were continued for usage in the New Kralgon Empire. The war ended before the Emperor ha a chance to implement the same electromagnetic drive to these vehicles as he had done to Kralgon Land Destructor.


When the Unified Nation of Ottzello absorbed the Kralgon, they absorbed the weapons. The weapons used a zero point generator to replace Dark Chronoscopic. They were outfitted with magnetic drives, replacing the unstable rockets and primitive compressed air usage, as well as employing electromagnetic shields to prevent EMP from disabling the vehicle. It also gave the vehicle another weapon, the railgun.



Land Weapons are long, with two 'bodies' both attached to each other. The one at the front has a cannon and is where the AI is situated, while the one at the back has more weaponry, and artillery. There are more concealed weapons than weapons visible on the hull. Its main function is its electromagnetic drive, which is used for electromagnetic shielding, the railgun, and electromagnetic drives.

Kralgon Land Weapons took an extensive amount of designing to perfect. They are long, with large treads to traverse any environment, as well as to achieve incredible speeds. Since they are in two parts, front and back, turning is efficient. They contain a cylindrical AI control pod as all vehicles do. They contain multiple moving machine guns on the back, and a huge cannon (and some other smaller weapons) at the front. In addition, the electromagnetic drives allows it to hover its rear section, as well as reaching enormous speeds, by manipulating magnetic fields to achieve this.


Kralgon forces contain dozens of Land Weapons, along with walkers. When they are unleashed, they'll be activating their boosters and weapons, and charge at enemy foes, who'll be fighting them before they have a second to think.


The Land Weapons are extremely efficient; they can break up enemy infantry forces with their speed and weaponry, and with their cannon at the front, they're also great at destroying enemy vehicles. The Land Weapons' use of magentic drives to manipulate magnetic fields, and thus, hover its rear section, allows it to climb walls.



At the front, the Land Weapons use a simple laser cannon. But their real weaponry is concealed in the rear body; an enormous gun is contained, one which can function as an artillery shell-firing weapon, an anti-aircraft weapon, and a railgun. Aside from this, many machine guns are contained on the hull.


Kralgon Land weapons are almost impossible to evade; they are incredibly fast, have tracking systems to make sure they do not lose their target and can target aircraft units.


The Unified Nation of Ottzello has many uses for land weapons. Being unmanned weapons, they can perform incredibly high speeds with their treads and boosters. If they were manned, then the pilot would probably be sick, or could die. The weapons are also very efficient, particularly the cannon at the front. Thanks to zero-point energy extractors, the vehicles have basically unlimited energy.

AI pods have been designed to ensure the ships won't use up their energy too quickly for the zero-point extractors reactors to create more power. The treads can cling to any surface, and traverse any, thanks to advanced materials capable of surface-gripping.

In addition, for short power bursts in emergency, they can use Dark Chronoscopic.

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