Land Destructors are a huge battleship on land, the strongest land Kralgon AI Weapon.



Land Destructors were originally just a concept that put a Kralgon sea battleship on treads. The problems occurred due to the vehicle's weight on the ground; moving it and finding the correct weight were incredibly difficult tasks. When artificial intelligence technology was designed, the vehicle was designed smaller, as a powerful AI could control all the weapons rather than an on-board crew. This did not completely solve the problem, but the vehicle was still effective; its only issue was that it had this one weakness.

Recent KralgonEdit

Later, in the Second Ottzello Galactic War, the Kralgon Emperor fell in love with the design, and used it for the Kralgon Invasion Force. The Emperor, being a perfectionist, added an electromagnetic drive to the vehicles, allowing them to be less heavy due to the drive's anti-gravity offering. It later had more uses, such as a railgun. When the Emperor was frustrated with EMP disabling the AI, he employed electromagnetic shielding on the drive to prevent EMP from working, and gave the vehicles their own EMP function. They were also given Dark Chronoscopic, due to the Emperor's love of this energy for destructive purposes.


After Kralgon joined the Unified Nation of Ottzello, they modified the AI's military thought pattern based on Inalton war commanders rather than late Empire of the Kralgon war commanders, as Inatlon are superior in military situations. They were also outfitted with zero-point generators instead of Dark Chronoscopic.



The Kralgon Land Destructor is an immensely huge vehicle which took several months to finalize without the cooling system's errors; vents in the underbelly were used, with abilities to shut off and use divert vents to avoid mines, which the vehicles detect. There is a cone-shaped section at the main tower (at the top) containing the vehicle's primary weapon; a cannon 3 times as powerful as the equivalent on the walkers. Above that is the cyclindrical AI pod, which is the unmanned vehicle's 'brain'. The insides are mostly nanotechnology, wiring and reactors. Their precise size is 35 metres in height, and 20 metres long.


In larger ground forces, the maximum number is normally 3-5. In smaller forces, the most is 1, or none at all.


Thanks to nanotechnology, AI pods can make dozens of war-calculations that far surpasses an Inalton's thought pattern. This especially helps with all the sensors, the dozens of machine guns, the movements, and all other calculations required. It makes decisions on which enemies to attack by itself, which is more important in the Land Destructors; they often serve as leaders on the ground, due to them having the largest AI.

Land Destructors have an electromagnetic drive for electromagnetic shielding and the railgun. Its main cannon can function as a railgun, anti-air weapon and antimatter shell-firing weapon. As well as this, its electromagnetic drive is often used for EMP. The electromagnetic drive is also used as an anti-gravity device, rendering a lot of the vehicle's weight non-existent.



The largest AI weapons, Land Destructors are normally used as leaders of the army. This is because they are directly controlled from space (although weapons and most battle tactics are done by the vehicle itself) and due to their sheer size and strength.


While sometimes crawling under the vehicle was thought to work, it could simply squash the soldiers who crawled under. It is often best to simply use fast vehicles; its cannon can target air units and large forces of ground units, as well as the machine guns. Stealth units are the best option, or fast vehicles.


Being so large and well armoured, as well as having their large quantities of weapons, Land Destructors are capable of pretty much anything. While Dark Chronoscopic has been discontinued, there are some which can occasionally employ it in emergency situations.

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