Killships are one of the mos common Kralgon AI Weapons, currently pat of UNO's Fleet.



The first ever developed spaceship, it was developed using the first electromagnetic drive of the Empire of the Kralgon to reach space. It began as an ordinary space ship, used for exploration and occasionally combat, but didn't truly become a weapon until the Technobian-Kralgon War.

In this war, the Killships were used as the fighting ships until Kralgon Obliterators were developed, which took a long time to finalize. For greater interstellar travel, the magnetic drive was replaced with dries stolen from enemies; at the time, the Kralgon electromagnetic drive was not nearly as efficient as today's. Later, during the First Ottzello Galactic War, the Killship was modified into an AI Weapon, rather than a manned vehicle.

Recent Kralgon[]

Millennia after the Empire fell, the last surviving Kralgon started the Kralgon Invasion Force, and reused the Killships in the Second Ottzello Galactic War. The AIs developed on their own (but only to a certain extent, so that the AIs cannot become sentient), and developed a powerful weapon, the Omega-Laser. The Emperor, who took interest in Dark Chronoscopic, used it for this ship (even today Dark Chronoscopic is sometimes used in case of major emergencies). The Killship was continued in the New Kralgon Empire.


When it became part of the Unified Nation of Ottzello, it replaced the Ottzel UFOs, and was outfitted with more powerful weaponry, as well as replacing Dark Chronoscopic.



Designed like a typical UFO, Kralgon Killships are, in fact, dissimilar to that. The vehicle contains multiple weapons attached to the hull rather than within it, but the laser is it's best weapon. Their diametrical size is 100 metres.


The Killships are the most common AI weapons in the Kralgon fleet, and are also very common throughout UNO's fleet. They do operate mostly alone, controlled remotely by the Kralgon in the Kralgon Obliterator's bridge.


Very fast and powerful, they can tear apart foes using their electrolasers and antimatter missiles, as well as function like normal UFOs. They can also drop bombs on planets they are invading, which can be devastating, but not so much as the Omega-Laser. When setting lasers to Omega-Lasers, the effects are incredibly devastating to all who stand in the Kralgon's way.



Kralgon Killships use electrolasers- lasers that are made of electron particles- in space combat against enemy fleets; enemies often don't have defenses against electron particles. Sometimes the electrolasers can instead be turbolasers, but only if the situation requires. In addition, tehy have antimatter bombs, as well as the ability to activate the superweapon, the Omega-Laser mode.


Getting underneath the Killships, where they keep most of their weapons, is suicide. Flying over the Killships is often less damaging, although there are still weapons there. It is best to evade by using starfighters and other fast, small ships to preoccupy the AI.


Used as the main ship and for invasion, Kralgon Killships are used for invasion and for tearing foes apart. With the Omega-Laser mode, it can become an incredibly deadly weapon that few can match. It also uses electrolasers and antimatter missiles.

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