Kralgon Crushers are a Kralgon AI Weapon.



The Crushers were one of the first AI Weapons developed by the Empire of the Kralgon. The concept of a bipedal vehicle was a popular one featured commonly in Kralgon science fiction, but never fully realised. It was later developed due to a bipedal walkers' ability to traverse any terrain.

Manned to unmanned[]

However, the vehicle didn't turn out well; when hit by weapons, the vehicles shook often, causing traumas for the pilot. While this was more a problem of Kralgon Walkers, it was also an issue for Crushers. The project was abandoned, but later picked up again by a Kralgon scientist who felt it was possible to use artificial intelligence for the vehicle. When the Crusher and the Walker became the first unmanned vehicles, they proved one of the key factors of AI's push to popularity in the Empire of the Kralgon.

Recent Kralgon[]

When the Empire of the Kralgon fell, a few millennia later, the Kralgon Invasion Force was formed when the last surviving Kralgon, the Kralgon Emperor, awoke and reactivated all the remains of Kralgon technology. One of the weapons reactivated was the Kralgon Crusher, which the Emperor outfitted with Dark Chronoscopic. They were continued for usage in the New Kralgon Empire.


When joining the Unified Nation of Ottzello, Kralgon technology and artificial intelligence was merged with UNO's. The Crusher was improved with non-essence technology, replacing essence technology - although UNO have large amounts of essence available due to the Ioketa and Chronoscopic sciences in Ottzello, it still isn't enough for their amount of usage in vehicles and isn't suifficient on non-Ottzello planets.



Shaped similar to most walking creatures the Kralgon Crusher has arms with lasers for hands, and the AI Weapons' railgun on its shoulder. The Artificial Intelligence Pod is spherical, and is at the top of the vehicles' 'head'. They are 15 metres high and 25 metres long.

The globe on top of its head appears as if it's not held on properly. This, however, is disguised; it appears this way to draw enemy fire, but is in fact, well armoured and well secured by disguised cables.


Kralgon Crushers are deployed in most UNO invasion forces, due to their size and lack of need to be manned. Crushers aren't as common as Walkers, and they are on a ratio of around 1:3 walkers.


The vehicles contain zero-point generators, and, as with all Kralgon and UNO technology, employs electromagnetic shielding to prevent EMP from disabling it. In addition, when going for larger power, Dark Chronoscopic can be used, but this is normally in a state of emergency.



  • Lasers - These weapons are very powerful for a small weapon, useful for taking out other vehicles.
  • Railgun - an incredibly powerful weapon that employs electromagnetic induction to accelerate projectiles to an incredibly high muzzle velocity, and it can be used to devastating effects. This is an incredibly destructive weapon, capable of not only destroying buildings, but large infantry squads.
  • Fists - Their fists are incredibly strong, and they are capable of easily wrestling epic creatures, and smashing up enemy vehicles.


Using fast vehicles might be able to escape the Crusher's weaponry, as they are often too fast to be hit by the railguns or lasers.


Crushers are incredibly strong vehicles, and are the second largest Kralgon land AI weapons (the largest being the Land Destructor). As it is unmanned, it can work well without crew inside worrying about shaking, and the entire vehicle doesn't need space for a crew.

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