The Kelvin-class is a light cruiser type vessel in service of the Rambo Navy. It's long time service saw it being upgraded several times and it was still in service during the Quadrantia Disorder and the Dark Times.


The Kelvin-class came into service during the early years after the formation of Rambo Nation. It was launched into service together with the Bonaventura-Class and the Kelvin-class were the first explorer ships for Rambo Nation together with the NX-class.

Kelvin-Class in space

During the Trogg-Wars, the Constitution-Class was launched into service and took over their exploration role, putting the Kelvin-class is line for border patrols, service within colonial sectors and support vessels during fleet battles with the Trogg. Afterwards the vessels remained in service for years, and during the Second Galactic War with the Imperial Alliance in 0 BQF it was shown that the Kelvin-classes were no match for the superior vessels of the Imperial Alliance. Rambo Command, favoring the trusted design put the class into update and as such in 01 AQF, during the Intergalactic War with the Cognatus the class was given it's V2 status.

A few years later, during the Great Cyrannus War in 04 AQF the class was chosen to remain in service and was given the V2 MkII upgrade and it remained in service during the following Quadrantia Disorder and Dark Times. In 06 AQF, after Rambo Nation acquiered production rights for their own RNSF Mirage Cascabel, the Kelvin-classes were often seen in joint operation with the figthers due to the Kelvin-class durabilty and agility in combat, perfectly matching and integrating in battle plans with the new fighters. At the start of 08 AQF, the class recieved another slight overhaul, the so called Mk. III, integrating new weapon and shield systems but also preparing a few vessels as training ships due to withdrawal of the Bonaventura-class. It also recieved a slighter darker painting.


The Kelvin-class has a differant design than most Rambo Nation vessels, though it follows the saucer-shaped primary hull like most Rambo Navy ships, the class has a signle warp nacelle located below the saucer. The class contains a secondary hull as well, though is placed above the saucer. The secondary hull mostly contains cargo bays and the hangar bay while the saucer mostly contains the accommodations for crew and passengers.

The Kelvin-class is equipped with 4 phaser cannons, located at the upper saucer primary hull. It has three phaser banks, 2 dorsal saucer arrays, forward starboard; 1 ventral saucer array forward and two torpedo launchers, located forward and aft. Further more it has the most recent shielding and can obtain speeds of Warp 6.8.

Notable ships[]

  • USS Areshkova
    (under command of captain Sinhai Kakharis)
  • USS Ashanti
  • USS Divide
    (under command of captain Ramirrking)
  • USS Fahrenheid
  • USS Kelvin
  • USS Polarity
  • USS Pollux
    (destroyed during the Trogg Wars).
  • USS Premonition
  • USS Spode
  • USS Sunny Beach
    (destroyed during the 2nd Galactic War)
  • USS Tangent
    (destroyed during the Lizardian Threat)


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