When they start bringing their planet fortresses, it's better just to stand still and accept defeat.

- Unknown

The Junction Planet Fortress is the main spaceship used by The Junction.



The Planet Fortress' creation dates from the archaic past of the Junction, from over 20 billion years ago. It was used to assimilate worlds into the empire and as an incredibly powerful military tool.

It design has remained unchanged for all this time, proving its efficience.



After the Junction harvests all the resources of a planet, they destroy its crust and mantle, leaving only the core behind. They then involve the core in a special dark energy shield, turning the core into a "battery" which will later serve as the spaceship's main power source. Trillions of Scraplings then start building the spaceship around the battery, in a process that can take from a few weeks to a few months depending of the core's size. The larger the core, the larger the Planet Fortress around it will be.


The Planet Fortress is the largest and most powerful spaceship of the Junction's arsenal. Being the size of 3 times the core it was used as a basis, and fueled by an extremely high amount of dark energy, the Planet Fortress can destroy entire worlds easily, as well as sustain tons of damage before being destroyed.


The Planet Fortress is a jack-of-all-trades ship, being used for all kinds of needs. All fortresses are capable of being used for colonizing, fighting or for "diplomacy". The fortresses are equipped with synth factories, giving them an infinite amount of soldiers.


The Planet Fortress is incredibly powerful and armed with weapons considered godtech by less advanced civilizations. Their dark energy shields make them immune to most known harm except very powerful weaponry or essence-based attacks, and their weapons have the power of annihilating anything that may have the unfornatune of coming into contact with them.



Junction Planet Fortresses have as their main mean of attack gigantic dark energy lasers which can cut through entire planets with ease. When enemies are closer than the laser can hit, the Fortress can also use dark energy-powered "machine guns" which cause massive collateral damage to spaceships and instant death to almost all living things.

Fortresses are also armed with missile-like weaponry which can seek and destroy large areas in space, and pulses which can destroy concentrated areas in planets. Fortresses are capable of opening and crushing planets as they close, much like a maw, though this attack is rarely seen in action.


Due to its ability to teleport, its speed and firepower, it's unknown how to evade a Fortress unless the opponent is the Xhodocto.


The Planet Fortress isn't frequently used, only being assigned to do something when the Junction's synths are incapable of doing it themselves. When the Fortresses arrives, it means the Junction Mind's wrath has been tested, and entire parsecs will be left in ruin.



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