The Jovar Fleet consist of several large, powerful vessels that are easily capable of destroying entire civilizations. Here is a list of them.

Jovar fleet

A very small portion of the Jovar Fleet, in all its might and glory.


Length-500 km

Jgindi Superweapon

The Jgindi Superweapon

The Jgindi-class is the single largest spacecraft ever built by the empire. Only one has been made. The Jgindi-class has only one purpose:to carry and protect the Jgindi Superweapon.` The Jgindi Superweapon is capable of destroying a star by releasing highly reactive and unstable particles into the star's core. The Jgindi is also capable of destroying planets by means of planet busters, of which it has millions onboard, compared to an Earthbound's total amount of about 1,000 maximum. The Jgindi is so large, however, that it must be carried on another starship; thus, the Jgindi-class starship was designed. The Jgindi is over 12,000 miles long and is capable of glassing an entire planet within minutes. The Jgindi has a range of nearly half a light-year long. The Jgindi is also very capable of creating a star.

  • To see its capabilities in greater detail, see here.


Length-15 km long


One of the largest ships ever made by the Empire, the ship is about 40 miles long and dagger shaped. It is extremely well armored, and its weapons can take out entire planets in minutes. About 80 thousand Earthbound-class battleships are currently in service. The sudden increase in their numbers is do to their rising demand by the military. They are built in orbital shipyards over Jora's moon, Haelsier and Osion.

Notable Ships:

  • J.S.S Defiance
  • J.S.S Valiant
  • J.S.S Earthbound
  • J.S.S Axiom
  • J.S.S New York


Length- 3.5 km

Interdictor 5

The Interdictor-class is the class of capital ships that falls between the Ardent-class and the Earthbound-class in both size, speed and firepower. The Interdictor-class is somewhat peculiar in shape in comparison to most capital ships in the Grand Fleet, which are normally dagger shaped. However, this is because it serves a dual role of battleship and transport ship. It's ring design allows it to be large and have a larger volume then a dagger-shaped warship of the same length. It's central core can detach from the ship and act as a separate ship, if necessary.

Notable Ships

  • J.S.S Justice
  • J.S.S Harlem
  • J.S.S Empire
  • J.S.S Messenger (Secondary flagship of Jovar III)
  • J.S.S Krellar

Civilian InterdictorsEdit

Although most capital ships are reserved strictly for military use, some Interdictors are actually used a homes for Jovar, and as transports for civilians. They are usually milky-tan in color, and surprisingly, are equally powerful to their military counterparts.


  • Length- 1.58 km

Basically a larger Ardent-class destroyer, an Imperator-class is designed for ship to ship combat. Its 8 giant turbolasers are powerful enough to destroy a city the size of the former Earth region of California. However, they are used in limited numbers, due to the massive popularity of the Ardent-class star destroyers.

Notable Ships

  • J.S.S Senator II
  • J.S.S Jora's Defender
  • J.S.S Greatness


Length-1.5 km

Spore 2010-06-08 12-33-32
Special Ardent

Captain Jovar III's modified Ardent, which is as large as an Interdictor, has a blue stripe, and a large superlaser mounted on its hull.

Problems with the Executor-class became obvious as the Jovar-Grox war waged on. It was often noted that most losses sustained by the Jovar fleet were Executors, mostly because of the massive wings that protruded out of the main structure, leaving it vulnerable to be destroyed quickly. Pressured to replace the Executors, Captain Jovar III and other military officials unveiled the Ardent-class, which was retrofitted with more weapons, was larger, and could carry more troops and starfighters than the Executor-class. At 5 miles long, it is intimidating, and can take on ships nearly triple its size thanks to their great firepower and shielding. Over 150 thousand are currently commissioned, and production of them is expected to continually grow as they gradually replace the aging Executors. Captian Jovar III commands the flagship of the Jovar fleet, a modified Ardent-class, alongside the Earthbound-class ships.

Notable Ships

  • J.S.S Ardent (Flagship of the JE, modified with a massive particle cannon.)
  • J.S.S Hunter
  • J.S.S Slayer
  • J.S.S Liberator
  • J.S.S Alabama
  • J.S.S Vengeance


Length--1.2 km

Executor 4

At one time, it was the most widely used spaceship in the empire. It was popular because of its speed, firepower, reliability, and size. Although imposing and seemingly invincible, the Executors were later revealed to be quite the opposite during the Jovar-Grox War.Because of their weaknesses, they are slowly being phased out with the Ardent-class assault cruisers, which upgrade all of the Executor's strengths, as well as fix its flaws.



Length-740 meters

Built as an intermediate-size warship, the Terrorizer is smaller than most capital ships, yet can hold on its own against larger and more powerful ships it might face, due to its heavy armament and powerful shields. However, it makes up for this by being quite slow.



Length-540 meters The Immoblizer-class is not designed for combat at all (though it can hold on its own one-on-one). In fact, the Immobilizer does exactly as its name suggest: it literally immobilizes capital ships by shooting powerful ion blasts at them, which also takes down their shields. It is also capable of creating gravity wells, which take away a fleet's ability to escape from battle.



Length-400 meters The Empire's transports, they are usually housed inside Interdictors, and transport Jovar soldiers to the ground below. In space battles, they serve only as anti-corvette and anti-frigate ships.



Length-170 meters The Kelvin-class corvette is used primarily as an anti-fighter/bomber support ship. Their importance is great, as they protect larger capital ships from rogue bombers attempting to disable or destroy them. They are also extremely nimble and fast, as their stern houses large engines that allow the corvette to outrun a standard capital ship if neccessary.



Length-14 meters The Proton-class fighter is specifically designed for starfighter combat, thus it is designated as an interceptor. Its fast speed and powerful turbolasers make up for its weak shields and light armor. It is also equipped with antimatter missiles under its wings, allowing it to even attack capital ships (if necessary).



Length-18 meters The Marauder-class is an all-purpose, general starfighter, that is fast enough to take down interceptors, has strong enough missiles and bombs to destroy a small capital ship, and enough armor/shielding to withstand heavy amounts of damage. It is the most popular starfighter among Jovar pilots.



Length-24 meters The Eagle-class is used as a bomber, with heavy armor and shielding and powerful weaponry. However, its lack of sufficient speed and maneuverability make it a somewhat easy target for enemy interceptors and starfighters. It is manned by a pilot, who is in charge of flying the vessel and bombing the target, and a gunner that fires a large turret at enemy starfighters.

It is the replacement for the aging Tellurian-class bombers.



Length-17 meters A much older Jovar fighter class, it is a mixture of a multi-purpose fighter and an interceptor.



The original bombers of the Jovar Empire, Tellurian-class fighters are notoriously powerful, but at the same time incredibly slow and lightly-shielded. They are now rarely used, as the Eagle-class bombers are much faster and a little more powerful.

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