The Iron Fist, final model IF BCN Mk II (IF: Iron fist, BCN: Borealis Consortium Network, Mk II: Mark II) was an enormous vehicle, with illegal black market weaponry. It was the main flagship of the Borealis Consortium Network, and personal ship of Falrik Zaarkhun and General Volim. It was last under the possession of the Children of Synthesis.



The ship's origins began back in the First Ottzello Galactic War (5,000 years before the Second Ottzello Galactic War, when the Zaarkhun Consortium were hired to develop a strong starship by Roshisiz, as his personal flagship representing the power of the Empire of the Kralgon. Falrik Zaarkhun developed the designs, and Roshisiz accepted the starship, which he produced. However, the Empire of the Kralgon collapsed, and Zaarkhun used the ship for himself.


When the Zaarkhun Consorium was revived in the Second Ottzello War, Falrik Zaarkhun continued to use the ship, but labeled it "Model IF ZC Mk I". It became his personal flagship, until the Kralgon Emperor destroyed it at the end of the war, when the three leaders had been thought dead. "Model IF ZC Mk II" was planned for development, but development was pushed back, until it was revived in Clash of the Crimelords.


Development wasn't finished, however, until by the time the Clash was over, and the Borealis Consortium Network was in power. The model was, at first not Volim's favourite, as it didn't represent him enough. The interior was redesigned to suit Volim's tastes, and was eventually Volim's 'palace outside the Palace', as the interior was said to be fit for a king.


The Iron Fist was destroyed in the Second Borealis Galactic War, by the Xi'Arazulha. However, earlier on in the war, the Consortium Network had become filthy rich after a huge robbery of the Borealis Grox Empire, and acquired many new tools off the black market.

Following the death of Zaarkhun and Volim's imprisonment in the end of the war, the Iron Fist was heavily damaged during the attack on the Wranploer homeworld of Vijaha. It orbitted the destroyed planet, abandoned and deactivated for four years, where other spaceship debris collided against it until it became a hulking, deformed object. Four years after the war, the hulk that was once the Iron Fist was taken over by Vorius, who used it as a flagship and headquarters until it was taken away by the rogue Spawn of Vengeance. The Iron Fist met its ultimate demise by the planetary defenses of the Zoles capital of Zoleia, who shot the ship down after the Spawn of Vengeance tried to attack the planet.



The Iron Fist was a 7.5km long starship, with six claw-like wings on its side in a hexagonal shape. It could change its appearance in four settings: Zaarkhun, Wranploer, Stealth camouflage and Casual. At the top was a 50m wide bridge area, with twenty luxurious floors plated solidly in gold with jewelled decorates. On the exterior of the ship, as well, was gold and jewelled decorations designed to flaunt the wealth of the leaders. As it was a symbol of wealth and strength, it was ultimately a symbol of power.


The ship was commanded by Zaarkhun, Volim, and an artificial intelligence, which operated it. It served as their base of operations, and contained a throne for each of them in the exclusive command bridge that only they could access.

The ship was full of military-grade weaponry and superweapons so dangerous that they were banned in most regions of the galaxy, and could only be obtained on the black market. It primarily ran on plasma power, with a back-up generator in case the primary generator failed, that was directly linked to an escape wormhole in case of danger.

In the interior of the ship, there was nothing but luxury in over 800 of its 4,000 floors, with many trophies from battle and theft, as well as the crew's living quarters. This meant it functioned essentially as a large cruise ship as well as a battleship. The ship contained bars, night clubs, casinos, an interior forest, and even a pool among many other inside attractions. The prices of food, drink and places to stay were all extremely high, making it a ship of the wealthy elites.


The starship was full of weaponry and equipment pieced together from the black market and designed by top-class engineers. It uses the standard Cold Relay Travel system, and uses plasma nuclear power for its main reactors.

The starship was also capable of disguise, using lightweight hexagonal pixels which were electrically powered by the vessel's systems on its hull, to mask its appearance. These pixels were individually heated and cooled using commercially available semi-conducting technology. The hand-sized pixels were made of metal, so that they could sustain physical impact and provide defence against enemy ordnance. The entire system had been designed with ease of use in mind, and the pixels were able to be easily and rapidly removed and replaced if damaged. In the event that this failed them, a spacetime distortion effect could be employed to mask them from space and time entirely.



The Iron Fist was outfitted mostly with illegally obtained black market weaponry which would be more devastating than most Borealis civilisations would expect. Most notably, its hyperlasers fired through hyperspace and destroyed enemy ships from the inside. It could also fire missles through hyperspace faster than light over interstellar distances to reach its target, causing massive devastation for entire parsecs around, which could destroy entire planets and poorly defended ships. One of its more conventional weapons was electromagnetic radiation, which could burn the crew members of ships from inside them.

Additionally, the Iron Fist featured spacetime distortion weaponry. One of which was a weaponised warp bubble. When combined with a plasma cannon, it also could travel vaster than light, and explode in a fusion reaction that was capable of destroying most star cruisers and even entire stars. Additionally, monopole vortex torpedos could be fired which, when hitting other particles, could cause massive chain reactions. Finally, the ship could cause gravity to collapse around a certain space, creating black holes.

Finally, the Iron Fist featured a subatomic disruptor. When fired, it resulted in a slow destruction of the ship from the inside. The crew would die from resultant explosions, or in the vacuum of space.


The Iron Fist used warp shields to defend itself mostly, and was made of self-regenerative nano-albative armour. Additionally, it had the ability to cloak itself briefly from space and time through distortion, though this could not last too long before the power was drained.



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