The Intrepid-class is a swift and highly advanced starship fielded by the New Cyrannian Republic in deep space exploratory missions. Like the Odyssey-class and the Presidio-class vessels, the Intrepid-class was developed in tandem with scientists from Rambo Nation with the general basis of the class being considered an evolution of a Rambo ship design of the same name in use prior to the Intergalactic War. The Intrepid-class is designed to be a science vessel though also performs successfully as a tactical cruiser in the event of a battle. Equipped with antiproton beams, quantum and vortex torpedoes, tractor beam generators and an advanced quantum computer system, the Intrepid-class is a highly successful ship in the Republic's starfleet, being instrumental in carting the unknown regions of the First Gigaquadrant as well as dimensions far beyond.



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