The Interdimensional Warp Gate is an experimental station deployed by Rambo Nation to open a rift to another reality to let physical mass travel between realities. Designed by Lady Aur'Shivania, the station became the center of the Crossing Line-incident in 20 AQF.



After High King Rambert Ramveral usurped the throne in may 12 AQF, he issued a vision of a more powerful and impressive Rambo Navy and a stronger Rambo Command. Amongst his orders were to improve the Caradhras-Class, designed by Lady Aur'Shivania. The project turned into a success but would take decades to complete, her designs for the Paragavatus-Class Super Star Destroyers would take even longer and would be a project of immense resources and difficult to keep secret. Upon the raise of the infamous Gorge in 19 AQF, Rambert pressed his plans forward by inconventional means. Lady Aur'Shivania had been experimenting with researching alternate realities, a project that started after the USS Enterprise-A had visited one years earlier.

Original Station

Two Paragavatus-class super star destroyers pass the rift

Aur'shivania had created a station that could open a portal to another reality by drawing energy from the sun, a classified project that was constructed in the V'tra System deep within the Serox Nebula. As such she contacted fleet-captain Rambam of the alternate reality in 06 AQF of that reality and issued her shipment for their king. Due to the situation there, those on the other side willingly complied to get a chance of a better future free from darkness and back under Serindia rule.

Eventually, in october of 20 AQF physical mass managed to pass the portal safely after tests and were soon followed by the arrival of the Paragavatus-Class Super Star Destroyers. A few days later, two more arrived with aid of the Typhon-Class temporal weapon but things turned wrong and the station had to shut down its weapon, causing an overload of the system.

Malagras and Aur'Shivania arrive at the second construction site, november 20AQF

The construct was later sieged by the Gigaquadrantic Hegemony that emerged from the other reality. As the Crossing Line events unfolded, a massive battle erupted over possesion of the construct by various warring factions within the Cyrandia Cluster. The construct was eventually destroyed when the Imperator-class star destroyer Devastor collided with the construct. The construct split in half and plummeted down into the sun where it burned and exploded violently.

Second Construct

At orders of Rambo Command, Lady Aur'Shivania had ordered the second construction of a Warp Gate where she arrived at the first of november in 20 AQF. She was escorted by Commodore Malegras who denied her access to the station until he was sure no one had followed them to this site as he wanted to prevent a second disaster.


The design of the station follows typical Rambo Nation stations though is darker colored and has extensive hull armor to protect the station and those inside from the heat of the sun in the V'rta System.

Its pro-mounted weapon at the underside of the station fires a pure beam of energy into the sun, drawing energy from the solar flames. Its six attennas channel the energy into set coordinates, creating a portal to another reality. How exactly it is done is quite unknown, even to Rambo scientists but the result are promising. With aid of copied Taldar Generators and salvaged Xhodocto technology from the Tigris War, the scientist are able to create such a portal in conjunction with Rambo technology.

The stations is armed with heavy shieldings and 45 Phaser Turrets and 10 Torpedo Launchers, including both photon and quantem torpedoes.


Our ascension has begun!

- Aur'Shivania


  • The name of the construction was designed by Techno!

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