The Interdictor-class interdictor star destroyers are fairly new developed vessels by the Legatus Navy. Based upon the far larger star destroyer variants deployed in Cyrannus, the smaller star destroyers are specifically designed to operate in outer regions, with a similair role yet with a smaller requirement of personnel complement. It will often be escorted by light cruisers.



Tenacitatem and escorting fleet at Garkarg

With the rise of the Cyrandia Resistance and the Dutch Dissidents within the Finduila Sector, the Legatus Finduilica had troubles capturing their newfound enemies. As such they designed the Interdictor-class that possessed four spherical gravity well projectors, which contained equipment to pull a number of ships out of hyperspace and contain them.

the Legatus Finduilica launched the first one of its class in 2819, and test runs with the ICS Tenacitatem under command of admiral Apticyus proved effective and promising. The Legatus soon ordered the construction of more vessels. The ICS Tenacitatem was dispatched to the Space in Between and the Quadrant Galaxies to combat the Rambo Loyalist and managed to retake Isle Blue.

By August 2820, a second Interdictor-class was deployed within the Quadrant Galaxies, the ICS Eternal Empire and fell under the authority of Mandator Ramburgo Ramveral. The Eternal Empire was disabled in September 2820 in orbit of Ramar Shadda, marking the first of the class to be lost in active service, shortly followed by the destruction of the ICS Tenacitatem during the battle of the Rambo Capital.


The Interdictor-class shares its dagger-shape design with most of the Imperial vessels. With a lenght of 900 meters it is smaller than most star destroyers though proved effective due ot its gravity well projectors. Its gravity well projectors can eract gravity wells to interdict hyperspatial travel, preventing ships from escaping battle or entering systems. Though the placements of the gravity well projectors removed space for weapon placements, it is still impressively armed though requires an escort for defense.

It shares the same bridge design as the Imperator-class star destroyers.


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Interdictor-Class Star Destroyer
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