The ICS Thanatos was a Legatus Autokrator-Class Star Destroyer that saw action during the Second Great Cyrannus War.


With the formation of the Legatus Finduilica in 2804 the ICS Thanatos was the third star destroyer finished of the Autokrator-class line and rushed into active service by the end of 2804. It participated in numerous campaigns to conquer the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Serving a post or rotation onboard the Thanatos was often seen as prestige and great for your carreer, though not as prestige as its sister ships the ICS Autokrator or the ICS Tartatus.


Bombarding Rambo Prime, August 2820

The Thanatos was the first Autokrator-class that saw action during the Second Great Cyrannus War after command was given to Mandator Ramburgo Ramveral in 2818. It participated in the Battle of Thaehos as part of Admiral Tharnak Adraci fleet.

It next action was two years later, during the Battle of Rambo Prime in August 2820 where it led the Imperial fleet to defend the occupied planet against the Singularim forces. After defeat was unavoidable, it performed an orbital bombardment on the 12th of August with the surviving Imperial vessels- destroying Rambo Prime City and most of its inhabitants. It then fled into hyperspace together with the remaining Imperial fleet, including the damaged ICS Autokrator and the ICS Tenacitatem.

Days later, it ambushed the Cruandai and the envoys of two Serindia Houses. The Tirith-class cargo corvette HRSS Tirith was destroyed in the proces but the two other vessels escaped.


Name Rank Position Timeframe
Unspecified Captain Commanding Officer 2804 - 2818
Ramburgo Ramveral Mandator Commanding Officer 2819 - Ongoing


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