The Yurrus-Class ICS Raptor Nest is a light carrier and command ship of Mandator Camron Dar.

It served as the flagship of the notorious original Raptor Squadron and saw combat service during the Dawn of Divina and Twilight of Divina events before its eventual destruction in September 2820, during the battle of the Rambo Capital.



Raptor Nest amongst its escorts

The ICS Raptor Nest was assigned to the joint Imperial/Legatus taskforce known as Raptor Squadron after the continued threat the Cyrandia Resistance posed to Imperial interests. Under command of Mandator Camron Dar the squadron had one goal, the destruction of the Resistance. Its escort fleet consisted out of Arquitens-class lighter cruisers and Gozanti-Class cruisers, amongst them the ICS Crimson Talon and the ICS Provocateur.

It was first dispatched to Tar Kuuraen to deal with the Falcon-group. Afterwards it rendesvouzed with the Smogash Express for resupply before it battled the Loyalist One and various Rambo Loyalist at Ozdudrahk. Afterwards the ship participated in the securing of the Rambo Capital and the subsequent dissolutin of Rambo Nation and its Government. It later supported various Imperial/Legatus forces against the Galathynia and the capture of Commodore Malegras and the securing of the (in)famous stations along the Gorge.


Start of the Execution of the Contingency Plan

Afterwards, the vessel played a vital role in the execution of the Contingency Plan, resulting in the extermination of the Q-Dagian, Plutanios, Whitharia and Yunilliage population. During this time the Rambo cadet Sia served onboard the vessel as part of her internship until she was dropped as a prisoner at Pauvenris.

The ship participated in May2820 in the battle of Eris as well, preventing the shipyards fall and subsequently travelled to Impaerusqiantia before it was forced to withdraw in June 2820. In August 2820, the ICS Raptor Nest took part in the battle against a fleet of Dinotopian Republic star destroyer and together managed to destroy their enemy fleet.


Raptor Nest falls in battle, September 2820

The Raptor Nest participated during the battle of Pauvenris and survived the battle after the order was given for a retreat. At September the 20th, the ICS Raptor Nest was part of the Imperial/Legatus defense fleet at the Rambo Capital. During the battle, the Raptor Nest suffered tremendous damage by assaulting Tiger starfighters and the ongoing barrage of fire of the nearby frigate HFS Bloodknight. By the end of the battle the Raptor Nest was destroyed and lost in battle.


Name Rank Position Timeframe
Camron Dar Mandator Commanding Officer 2819 - 2820
Sia Cadet Internship 2820

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