The ICS Provocateur is an Arquitens-class light cruiser in service of the Legatus Finduilica under command of the red-haired captain Nanda Tessala.

The ship was destroyed in September 2820 during the battle of Pauvenris.



Engaging dissidents above Rottum, 2819

In January 2819 captain Nanda Tessala assumed command of the Legatus Arquitens-class Provocateur. Patrolling the borders of subjugated Kingdom of the Netherlands borders it found herself under attack when responding to a distress call from Rottum. The ship was disabled by SF-16s and was unable to prevent the theft of those starfighters.

After repairs the ship was assigned to Raptor Squadron where it saw action against Dutch dissidents at Altena. Afterwards it participated in the hunt for resistance members and engaged them at Tar Kuuraen in the Cyrannus Galaxy. The creature Stench rammed the light freighter Falcon into the Provocateur, heavily damaging the vessel and disabling it. Requiring intensive repairs the ship was re-launched in 2820 duirng the Quadrantia Contingency Plan.

In August 2820, the Provocateur took part in the battle against a fleet of Dinotopian Republic star destroyer and managed to destroy them. In September 2820, the Provocateur participated in the second battle of Ramgotheria. After hours of battle with neither side gaining an advantage of each other, the Provocateur and the rest of the Imperial fleet was ordered to withdraw and fall back to Pauvenris.


Provocateur under siege, september 2820

On September the 14th, the Provocateur came under attack by Santa Company fighters and an U-wing of Raven Team. During the battle the loyalist forces managed to board the Arquitens-class light cruiser and overwhelmed its crew. Part of a ruse, Yvenne commandeered the vehicle and set course to Pauvenris after filling its cargo bay with subspace mines. Upon arrival the Loyalist battleship Bismarck dropped out of hyperspace and opened fire to simulate an attack. However, realizing there were more ships than anticipated Yvenne changed plan and steered the Provocateur between the two Autokrator-class star destroyers ICS Athena and ICS Poseidon with the intention to self destruct. Fellow Raven member Vanderhoek stunned Yvenne and evacuated the ship before issuing its self destruct between the two Autokrators. The following selfdestruct and implosion ensured both ships were drawn to each other and collieded, destroying both star destroyers and starting the battle of Pauvenris.


Name Rank Position Timeframe
Nanda Tessala Commander Commanding Officer 2819 - 2820
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