The ICS Praetor Stronghold was a Yurrus-class carrier under command of Imperial officer captain Kendar Bozzel.


After the loss of the Preator star destroyer and recovering from his injuries, captain Kendar Bozzel assumed command of the Yurrus-class carrier ICS Preator Stronghold and send to the Quadrant Galaxies for prolonged border patrols.

After the Rambo Loyalist forces and its allies sieged Starbase 25 in August 2820, Kendar was dispatched to Karzhamarhi-Nui where he engaged Dutch forces, including an Acclamator-class. Deploying overwhelming ASP-fighter numbers and the support fire of the ICS Vector Kendar secured an important victory for the Imperial forces.


Name Rank Position Timeframe
Kendar Bozzel Captain Commanding Officer Ongoing
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