The ICS Poseidon was a Legatus Autokrator-Class Star Destroyer, launched in 2805.



The Athena and Poseidon collide during the Battle of Pauvenris, September 2820

After the succesful launch and performance of the ICS Autokrator, ICS Tartatus and the ICS Thanatos the second wave of Autokrator-class star destroyers were launched into active service, amongst them the ICS Poseidon, sister ship of the ICS Hephaestus.

The ICS Poseidon is often involved in covert operations. In September 2820, the Poseidon as well as the ICS Athena were stationed at Pauvenris to protect and guard the planet. During the battle of Pauvenris the Poseidon was destroyed after the Arquitens-class light cruiser ICS Provocateur detonated its subspace mines. The following implosion send the Poseidon carving through the hull of the Athena before the Poseidon exploded.


Name Rank Position Timeframe
Unspecified Captain Commanding Officer 2805 - ongoing


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