The ICS Crimson Talon is an Arquitens-class light cruiser in service of the Legatus Finduilica and flagship of the notorious Lady Astrosia.



Leaving Garkarg, 2819

Lady Astrosia assumed command of the newly launched ICS Crimson Talon in 2819 under personal order of Rector Schlimm Eklig Statthalter. Leaving Garkarg with a large escort it headed into her first battle at Altena. Participating in the battle of Altena where it drove the dissidents from their Home Base it later proved unalbe to prevent their escape into the Quadrant Galaxies. Afterwards the ship was tasked to serve in the joint Empire-Legatus taskforce known as Raptor Squadron.

Since then the ship under command of Astrosia participated in numerous battles and campaign, including the battle of Tar Kuuraen within the Cyrannus Galaxy. It later tracked down a Consular-class under command of Idris Vanguinar of the Lusitania Squadron though was unable to destroy the ship. It tracked the Rambo Loyalist to Ozdudrahk and later particpated in the battle of forementioned planet. Afterwards the ship was recalled to the Quadrant Galaxies where it participated in the Imperial victory of the Rambo Capital.


Part of the Raptor Squadron fleet

Afterwards the Crimson Talon was part of the Imperial fleet during the second battle of Lianna-station that resulted in an Imperial victory. Later on in the war, the ship was partly responsible for carving the Imperial insigna in the surface of Yarchadia and the defeat of the Loyalists at Eris.

The ship experienced her first defeat at Impaerusqiantia where Loyalist forces forced the Imperials to withdraw. Later on, in August 2820, the Crimson Talon led the battle against a fleet of Dinotopian Republic star destroyer under personal command of Lady Astrosia. With keen and ruthless tactics the Dinotopian fleet was destroyed and revenge was taken for their defeat at Impaerusqiantia.

In September 2820, the Crimson Talon was stationed at Ramar Shadda and led the Legatus/Imperial forces during the Battle of Ramar Shadda. For five days they held the Loyalist forces and those of House Le Rambo of Ramar Shadda at bay until the unexpected arrival of Dinotopian Republic ships. With their added strength they managed to disable the ICS Eternal Empire and Astrosia saw no other option than to retreat. The Battle of Ramar Shadda could be added to the string of losses the Legatus/Imperial forces endured within the Quadrants after the death of Grand Admiral Decimius.


Name Rank Position Timeframe
Astrosia Lady Commanding Officer 2820 - ongoing
Velasus Commander XO 2820 - ongoing
Swain Tavira Lieutenant Operations/Navigation 2819 - ongoing
Timothy Winthazen Lieutenant Navigation 2819 - 2820
Verico Sergeant Security 2819 - ongoing
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